Pupils fight back after school is branded ‘inadequate’

When school inspectors slated a Great Yarmouth primary, they had not counted on the reaction of the pupils. For Ofsted’s negative comments about Cobholm Primary – which they branded ‘inadequate’ – trickled through to youngsters. And when they heard of the “harsh” words, children were moved to write to inspectors to put them right. This is from the Eastern Daily Press…

Morgan-Ellis Watts, 10, wrote: “I am writing to you with a concern and complaint about your report on Cobholm Primary School, it is the best school I have been to yet.

“I am highly disappointed about the Ofsted report… all of our parents and teachers were heartbroken.”

Classmate Kaci White wrote: “The teaching here is NOT inadequate.

“In fact, the teaching here is the best teaching in the industry… the teachers and staff treat us like their own children.”

The school was placed in special measures after a report ruling the site was failing in all areas from the achievement of pupils and quality of teaching, to behaviour and leadership and management. But youngsters feel inspectors were unfair.

Head teacher Julie Risby said: “In the past Ofsted always sent a letter to the children but they don’t do that now.

“It’s right that schools are inspected but the reports these days are written in such a harsh tone and they don’t realise the impact on the children.”

Deputy head Verity Rudd, who teaches a year five and six class, said: “The children became aware their parents were very cross and angry.

“They asked me what had happened and I explained that if the results were not good the inspectors said the teachers were inadequate.

“The children were incensed and said Ofsted inspectors had not spoken to them.

“And they said when the inspectors had read with them they had not followed the school rules, not saying please and thank you and just sending them back to their desk.

“The children said what we are we doing about it and said they wanted to complain. The letters are very much their own work.”

Letters were presented to county council education chiefs this week.

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