Pupil petition won’t stop headteacher banning mobile phones at secondary school

Cambridge News is reporting that a local headteacher has praised students who have started a campaign against his decision to ban mobile phones from school – but insisted he will not change his mind.

The new policy, which will be introduced after next week’s half-term break, was announced by Stuart Lock when he took over at Cottenham Village College in September. 

Under the new rules students will require parental permission to bring their mobile to school, where it will be kept in the school office throughout the day.

An online petition opposing the move, which has been started by an anonymous student, currently has more than 230 signatures…

Andrew Cardwell, whose daughter Elisha lives in Witchford and is in Year 10 at the school, is among those to have signed the petition.

He told the News: “We use messaging and tracking on her phone to ensure she is safe.

“From a parental point of view it’s vital for me and my ex-wife (her mother) to be able to do this for when we’re running later or her bus is running late.

“For me the school should be enforcing the no phones during class policy but kids should be allowed it on their breaks…”

Mr Lock, who joined the school from north London, told the News he appreciated the students’ concerns, but would not be swayed on the issue.

He said: “I am quite impressed by the approach they have taken, it’s appropriate, it’s asking us to consider their views. I have read the comments and they are genuine concerns, and things we need to address.

“It’s a dialogue, but at some point you have to make a decision you think is the best one for the school and for the students.”

In introducing the policy he pointed to research from the London School of Economics, which showed a ‘hard ban’ on mobile phones could see a six per cent increase in results…

More at: Pupil petition won’t stop headteacher banning mobile phones at Cambridgeshire school


Which side are you on here – head teacher Stuart Lock in going ahead with the ban or the pupils/parents complaining?

Please let us know, and why, in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. 5N_Afzal

    On the Head’s side. The comment from the parent raises a concern re safety but the Head has addressed that. His daughter can bring the phone to school and it will be held in the school office. There’s no need for her to have it during break. She is safe in the school during break.

  2. MadgeJesss

    rrunsworth SchoolsImprove StuartLock Me too. Glad I am not still a secondary teacher. Hard enough without the interference of phones.

  3. antonylittle

    SchoolsImprove if that’s what the Headteacher wants StuartLock then yes I’d support that. He obvs has his reasons for it.

  4. Britinfloridaus

    I must have had a deprived childhood. We did not have a house phone yet alone mobile phone which had not been invented. All this tosh about need to keep in touch and safety.

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