Public school teachers set up their own sixth form as they say private education is now unaffordable for the middle class

A new kind of education is desperately needed because country lawyers, accountants and other well-heeled professionals are struggling to afford to send their children to fee-paying schools, according to the project’s founders. The Telegraph reports.

Joe Francis, a senior master at Eton, along with teachers from the £39,750-a-year Wellington College and the £42,680-a-year Dulwich College are seeking to create a new type of school for well-to-do families who can no longer keep up with the spiralling cost of fees.

“My wife is a doctor, I’m a teacher: even for reasonably prosperous people like us, most private education is unaffordable without bursaries,” Mr Francis told The Telegraph.

Mr Francis, who started teaching at Eton 20 years ago, said that private schools have become “hungry for cash” so they can invest in West End standard theatres and sports facilities.

It will also make full use of technology, for example, by using online, interactive textbooks and by having a virtual library rather than incur the cost of building, running and staffing a bricks and mortar library.
Mr Francis and his colleagues aim to set up a new school for 250 sixth-form students in London by 2020. If successful, they hope to open a handful more in the capital, followed other Scholar 6 sixth forms in major cities around the country including Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham and Manchester.
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