Provost of Eton College threatens to quit Conservative Party over social mobility agenda

The Telegraph is reporting that the Provost of Eton College has threatened to resign from the Conservative Party over Government plans to make employers ask candidates whether they attended an independent school.

Lord Waldegrave of North Hill, a former Tory Cabinet minister, has told Conservative officials he cannot accept proposals published last week.

He issued the warning after Matt Hancock, the Cabinet Office minister, said companies should ask job applicants whether they went to private school in an attempt to stop discrimination against the poor.

Lord Waldegrave, who served in the governments of both Margaret Thatcher and John Major, said he believes the Prime Minister’s policy would discriminate against children at fee-paying schools.

He told The Daily Telegraph: “Fundamentally I think it quite wrong to punish children for decisions taken by their parents, and to run the risk of choosing crucial public service jobs not on the basis of merit but of social engineering.”

More at: Provost of Eton College threatens to quit Conservative party over David Cameron’s social mobility agenda

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  1. PompeyDog

    SchoolsImprove “decisions taken by their parents…” only the wealthy can make those decisions Waldy. It’s part of the ‘engineering’.

  2. Doesn’t he realise that job application forms ask for details of a candidate’s education history?
    But agree with him re appointment should be on merit.  The answer: judge candidates on achievement only – leave details of schooling off application forms.

  3. PompeyDog SchoolsImprove Parental decision was to buy privilege.  Even ex-Tory MP Matthew Parrish admitted that in last Saturday’s Times.  He argued that having purchased privilege, ‘posh boys’ should expect criticism and not whinge about it.

  4. gov2

    Will should just accept that to continue trying to undo the disastrous damage inflicted on his party by the government of which he was such a prominent member, the present Government needs to make the occasional symbolic gesture of pretending to be different.  He should lighten up – it’s not like this proposal is ever likely to happen or would make any difference if it did.  He can rest assured that in reality the class system will continue choosing on the basis of the social engineering that has so benefited his mates.

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