Programme exposing school bullies using hidden cameras expected to cause uproar says host

The Mirror is reporting claims from the host of a new ITV show set to expose school bullies that it is likely to attract criticism…

The Bully Project will capture bullies in the act via secret cameras attached to the victims, though identities won’t be revealed.

Ashley, who was bullied himself as a child, meets the victims and their families and will then capture footage of their child’s bullies using a hidden camera.

The footage shows both verbal and physical bullying and features children aged from 12 to 18.

“This isn’t a witchhunt that targets children or labels them bullies. After the footage is collected comes the intervention. We go to the school and hope they’ll let us intervene,” Ashley said of the project…

More at: Programme exposing school bullies using hidden cameras expected to cause uproar says documentary host Ashley Banjo


So what do you think of the sound of this? Interesting to give exposure to the problems of bullying and show attempts at interventions it or not? I guess we’ll need to wait and see but your reaction to the idea? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. Heidimo

    SchoolsImprove brilliant idea, but lets see the interventions too otherwise it’s a missed opportunity to share good practice re resolution?

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Potential can of worms but might silence those parents whose defence of their child amounts to “my child wouldn’t do that”

  3. 5N_Afzal

    Will be interesting to see what happens next. It will at least make schools and parents of bullies sit up and take notice. All too often they deny that the problem exists.

  4. chillisalsa

    SchoolsImprove itsmotherswork Hope the teachers/staff who maliciously bully children are filmed too – & pupils who physically assault!

  5. itsmotherswork

    chillisalsa I really don’t think it’s a good way to tackle this important issue.

  6. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove It would make HUGE difference -my children & myself have been bullied & libelled dreadfully by staff & LEA!

  7. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove It would make HUGE difference -my children & myself have been bullied & libelled dreadfully by staff & LEA!

  8. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove My elder child was physically assaulted repeatedly by another pupil & school had no control but insulted ME!

  9. itsmotherswork

    chillisalsa I agree those things are terrible, shouldn’t have happened and as far as possible the harm done repaired.

  10. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove Thank you but we were further bullied, libelled & threatened by schools then LEA! Disgusting & shameful!

  11. itsmotherswork

    chillisalsa I don’t think broadcasting covert filming of children will remedy what happened to you. SchoolsImprove

  12. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove I think it would. Staff & pupils get away with such appalling behaviour ‘cos they know no one watching & it>

  13. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove 2/is child/parent’s word against theirs. Staff verbally attacked me every time I raised complaint!Deplorable

  14. itsmotherswork

    chillisalsa I hope we can respectfully agree to differ on this. It’s a terrible thing to do to a child even a child bully. SchoolsImprove

  15. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove Of course we can agree to differ&I do try to empathize with all viewpoints but recordings of our experiences

  16. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove 2/would have proven we were telling the truth, as it is my family’s lives have been destroyed.

  17. itsmotherswork

    chillisalsa I’m sure that filmed evidence could have achieved that without it being broadcast in a rabble-rousing…

  18. itsmotherswork

    chillisalsa …programme to an audience not known for the subtlety of its response.

  19. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove Yes & I admit I favourited your original Tweet for later reading & replied before ‘later’ had arrived. I’m>

  20. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove 2/not sure – no, actually I think broadcasting the type of experiences MY family has had to put up with >

  21. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove 3/would be a good thing & probably the only way to put matters right. It seems, these days, not everyone is>

  22. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove 4/as nice/decent/trustworthy/honest as one would like to expect. Dreadfully sad situation. In Somerset we >

  23. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove 4/have been, & are, punished for honesty & for making every effort to always be considerate & polite – the>

  24. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove 5/only way to deal with the abuse we’ve been subjected to is recording & putting on public stage – councils>

  25. chillisalsa

    itsmotherswork SchoolsImprove 6/here have been DEORZBLY dishonest! I am so shocked/stunned/totally horrified.

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