Private tutoring ‘puts children at risk’

Parents who send their children to private tutors could  be putting their education and safety at risk, the head of an independent school group  has warned. This is from the Evening Standard

Neil Roskilly, head of the Independent Schools Association, said a lack of regulation meant tutors could be unqualified in their subjects or unsafe for work with children.

It comes after it was revealed there are twice as many tutors as there are school teachers in England. Demand for private tuition is strongest in London, where four in ten state school children have been tutored.

But Mr Roskilly said some could damage children’s education.

He said: “Many tutors have been out of teaching for years, and do not keep themselves up to date with current thinking or practice. Some are simply under qualified, and parents may well be wasting their money.”

He added: “Parents take quite a risk with their child’s safety when they hire a tutor. Schools have a legal obligation to check that everyone they appoint has not been barred from contact with children.

“Parents have no such recourse, apart from the word of the tutor.”

The Tutors’ Association, the first industry body for tutors, launched this week, introducing codes of conduct for members…

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  1. AcadGov

    SchoolsImprove and no way to know how many children in your school have tutors. Could be part of improvement also and masking school data?

  2. FionaTipper

    SchoolsImprove no parent would send their child to a tutors house without a safety check! Thats why employed teachers do well at this

  3. FionaTipper

    misterhutt SchoolsImprove Omg! So parents not necessarily putting their child in more danger with a tutor than a school!

  4. misterhutt

    FionaTipper SchoolsImprove CRB/DBS will only uncover those already caught. That said, abuse is more likely to come from family member.

  5. FionaTipper

    misterhutt SchoolsImprove so the article is more than a bit sensationalist, children at no more risk from private tutors than many others!

  6. misterhutt

    FionaTipper SchoolsImprove Those with unhealthy interest in chn will find a way to get close. Tutors don’t need degree. But yes, dramatic!

  7. FionaTipper

    misterhutt SchoolsImprove If I was employing a tutor I would check quals and refs and CPD same as if I was employing anyone else.

  8. misterhutt

    FionaTipper SchoolsImprove And then you would invite the tutor to practise in your home. I rarely tutored in my home. Covering my back!

  9. FionaTipper

    misterhutt SchoolsImprove totally agree! Onus on parents, can’t complain about unqual or dodgy tutors that they themselves have engaged!

  10. BigNicksWeeGate

    SchoolsImprove Leftist scaremongering. One would like to think parents sufficiently motivated to arrange extra help would do some checks..

  11. christoclifford

    FionaTipper SchoolsImprove CRB checks merely say there is no record. Plenty of sex offenders have net been charged? False sense security.

  12. kccv1

    So the Independent Schools Association oppose #unqualified #tutors but not #unqualified teachers?

  13. Paul_Saxelby

    We considered
    this with our son. One of the people that came forward to offer was the Head
    teacher of my son’s primary school. This article in part, is wrong and misleading.
    This is why teacher should have to be on
    an up-to-date register, like nurse. Nurses have to have done mandatory updates
    then pay to be on the register so they can work. This would help stop this

  14. chemucation

    SchoolsImprove Professional tutors will hold suitable quals, carry out CPD and have procedures for safeguarding. Parents must check.

  15. JulieADexter

    SchoolsImprove But many successful tutors who have really brought ch’n on particularly ch’n who are dyslexic.

  16. CromwellConsult

    SchoolsImprove Most don’t need it. Quality varies. Could address specific difficulty but ongoing test-teaching not effective way to learn.

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