Private schools will train teachers for work in state sector

Hundreds of new teachers will undertake part of their initial training in independent schools under plans approved by the Government. Graduates entering the profession will divide their time between inner city academies and elite private schools in order to qualify as teachers. This is from the Times…

The move is part of a plan by the Government to break the dominance of universities and teacher-training colleges and encourage schools to design new programmes to train teachers.

Guildford High School, an independent girls’ school with fees of £13,890 a year, will be among a group of new teaching schools designated by the Government. In addition to training graduates seeking to enter the profession it will also offer professional development courses for serving teachers, higher level courses for expert teachers and, eventually, prepare senior teachers for headships.

It will be the flagship teaching school for a training programme spanning a group of independent schools and academies, United Learning.

Although it is not the first private school to receive government funds to train new teachers — King Edward VI High School for Girls in Birmingham was appointed a teaching school two years ago — those involved say that it will operate on a much larger scale and involve deeper integration between independent and state-funded schools.

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