Private schools ‘provide £12bn annual boost to economy’

According to a report commissioned by the Independent Schools’ Council and covered in the Times, independent schools contribute nearly £12 billion to the economy each year, supporting more than 275,000 jobs and generating tax revenues of £4.7 billion, while saving the taxpayer £3.9 billion a year because the State does not have to fund education for 7 per cent of children…

The report, which was written by Oxford Economics, a global consultancy company, and commissioned by the Independent Schools’ Council (ISC), claims to be the first in-depth analysis of the economic impact of private education.

The high achievement of children at Britain’s 2,600 independent schools led to greater economic output, resulting in an extra £1.3 billion contribution to GDP, the ISC said.

Proportionately more students study A levels in engineering, science, maths and technology than in the state sector, said Professor Sir Michael Stirling, a former chairman of the Russell Group of elite universities.

Matthew Burgess, general secretary of the ISC, said: “We can now see how important our schools are in stimulating growth, in contributing our fair share of tax and supporting local communities across the country.”

The National Union of Teachers complained that private schools were failing to contribute enough.

A spokesman said: “Given that private schools enjoy charitable status, many of these institutions could probably be doing a lot more for the local community.”…

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It’s very easy to be cynical about a report praising the institutions on whose behalf it was commissioned, but should we acknowledge that public schools are a net contributor to the UK economy or, like the NUT spokesman, do you feel they should be doing a lot more in view of their charitable status? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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    SchoolsImprove They may well do but a headline of “Independent Schools Are Great For The Economy Say Independent Schools” open to ridicule

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