Private school shuts without warning and administrators appointed

The BBC is reporting that a private school in Northamptonshire with more than 360 pupils has made all its staff redundant after going into administration…

Parents with children at Great Houghton School were told last Friday that it would close.

Nearby independent school Quinton House has offered help to parents looking for places for their children.

The county council’s education department has also received inquiries about availability in state schools.

Quinton House said it had receive numerous inquiries and advised parents to remain calm and consider their options.

Its head master Ben Slade said: “We are open throughout the summer and can offer advice and guidance to parents to help them make informed decisions about their children’s futures…”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “Any applications for a school place will be dealt with in line with our procedures for in-year applications.”

Danielle Stone, Labour’s shadow cabinet member for education at Northamptonshire County Council, said: “The news is alarming and means that parents have limited timescales to organise alternative education provision for their children.

“The announcement that the Great Houghton School has gone into administration shows why the free market is completely inappropriate in education.”

Administrators have yet to come forward to make a statement on the future of the school.

Also, neither the school governors nor head teacher Jane Lancaster Adlam have made a statement.

Great Houghton School, which was founded in 1955, provided pre-nursery, primary and secondary education for children aged three months up to 16 years…

More at: Great Houghton School shuts and administrators appointed


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  1. courteneyccs

    SchoolsImprove Regretfully advising on a number school closures & expect more . Recession hit many hard. Heart goes out to pupils & staff.

  2. ddubdrahcir

    SchoolsImprove Ridiculous Labour statement; one failure does not make the model wrong, it is wrong for more deep-seated, complex reasons.

  3. Gillt6888

    maggymay13 SchoolsImprove how do you go about telling your five year old that she’s not returning to her school and her friends?

  4. maggymay13

    Gillt6888 SchoolsImprove I’m dreading it. She’s going to be devastated and still no place sorted for her. LEA v unhelpful

  5. andrew_1910

    ddubdrahcir SchoolsImprove Hmm . New Labour complicit in marketisation of FE, where courses, colleges routinely axed leaving kids bereft.

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