Private school pupils to take ’empathy lessons’ after head accuses them of failing to care

The Independent is reporting that pupils at King’s College School are to take ’empathy lessons’ after their headteacher, Andrew Halls, accused them of ‘failing to care’.

The head teacher of one of Britain’s top private schools is introducing lessons in empathy, claiming his pupils are isolated and uncaring.  

Andrew Halls, head of King’s College School, Wimbledon, blames a “toxic cocktail” of smartphone use, social media, divorce, a rise in day-care and a decline in outdoor play for increased “solitude and disconnection”.

But Mr Halls himself has previously blamed the private school environment for producing “bullish and charmless” individuals, while experts in children’s mental health point to neoliberal ideology and the ongoing economic crisis to explain a rising sense of isolation among young people. 

Senior pupils at the exclusive south London school pay £20,400 a year in tuition fees, and it often appears in the top 10 nationwide for A-Level and International Baccalaureate results. One in three sixth-formers go on to Oxbridge.

“Modern children are apparently more connected than ever before, but underlying the community of likes, Photoshopped pictures, shared Instagram obsessions is an empty wilderness of solitude and disconnection,” he said.

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