Private school head warns he will expel students because school is oversubscribed as he lists misdemeanours pupils will be excluded for

The Telegraph is reporting that the headteacher of a leading private school has warned he is to expel students for misdemeanours as school is oversubscribed.

Toby Belfield, head of Ruthin School in Denbighshire, Wales, said the school was oversubscribed by around 25 students, and that he was exploring tougher policies to exclude those caught breaching school rules.

The plans, which were obtained by reporters via leaked emails, reveal that a raft of new rules will be introduced banning students from going to the park or restaurants, ordering takeaways, smoking and drinking – regardless of their age.

Should students unwittingly breach new protocol, Mr Belfield warns that they “will not return in September 2017”.

Mr Belfield also claimed that many students were taking days off sick when in fact they were just “tired”, and that he disapproved of relationships between students.

He added that girls were wearing their skirts too short, and that several sixth form students dressed like they were “going to a nightclub”.

More at: Private school head warns he will expel students because school is oversubscribed as he lists misdemeanours pupils will be excluded for

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  1. Anonymous

    Interesting use of Exclusion as a strategy to manage supply.
    No doubt there are Lawyers everywhere rubbing their hands as Christmas comes early.

  2. Anonymous

    And these are the ‘leaders’ the government thinks should be advising state schools. He ‘disapproves of relationships between students’. Well, tough! What other aspects of their private lives does he want to bring under his regime.

  3. RecGuru

    Sounds like this headteacher should not be returning in September, never mind the pupils…
    How does he feel he has a right to judge a student’s relationship and the audacity to disapprove?
    What counts as ‘too short’ for a skirt? Will he be carrying around his ruler? Their dress code makes no mention of skirt length.
    It all sounds like a massive breach of his authority for his own and his school’s gain. The school’s policy states that if a child is expelled, there will be no refund of the fee. So basically, he wants to take the parent’s money, expel the pupil for the smallest of things and then keep the fee.
    He needs sacking for his own personal misdemeanors.

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