Private school head takes on Pharrell Williams

The Telegraph is reporting on an effort by Sir Anthony Seldon to parody Pharrell Williams’ song Happy in an attempt to communicate that “happiness is essential in education…”


Head teachers should show that they can be human and can join in the fun in front of pupils, parents and teachers, a leading independent school head has said.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Sir Anthony Seldon, the outgoing Master of Wellington College, said that if heads were “cold, distant, unkind and not respectful of pupils, staff and parents” that the whole school would be “dragged down”.

He added that: “happiness is essential within education” and that “schools should strive to be happy, kind and warm places”.

Sir Anthony, who is set to take up the post of vice chancellor at the University of Buckingham in September, also said that the biggest obstruction to happiness in a school is “the unwillingness of heads, governors and senior teams to understand what the whole positive psychology, well-being and character movement is all about.”

His comments come following the publication of a film on YouTube that sees the Master take on Pharrell Williams’ song Happy…

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I believe Sir Anthony is also promoting a book on happiness but what do you think of his enthusiasm for promoting the idea of happiness in education, especially amongst head teachers?

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  1. TeaLadyJune

    SchoolsImprove Hmm…Apparently he also showed his angry side (a lot!) when he had a go at turning around the state school they took over.

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