Private school children are tougher than their state educated peers, study finds

The Telegraph is reporting that a recent study has found that private school children are ‘tougher’ than state educated school children.

New research commissioned by the Independent Schools Council (ISC) found that pupils at fee-paying schools are more controlled, committed and confident than those who went to state schools. 

The study, titled An Analysis of Mental Toughness at UK Independent Schools, involved 9,000 pupils of all ages from 58 schools in England and Scotland. It measured four categories: control, commitment, challenge and confidence.

Julie Robinson, General Secretary of ISC, said that privately educated students scored better due to “the breadth of curriculum, wide-ranging activities outside the classroom and excellent pastoral care” which she said helps to create “create resilient and worldly young men and women who are ready for further study and work in adult life.”  

The psychometric test publisher AQR found that private school children have good attainment, wellbeing and behaviour and are more resilient, better at dealing with setbacks and more open to learning as a result.

More at: Private school children are tougher than their state educated peers, study finds

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  1. kitandrew1

    thepetitioner SchoolsImprove I’d just like to see full research paper, but I suspect confirmation bias and flawed research.

  2. thepetitioner

    kitandrew1 SchoolsImprove be interesting to see what the measure was. Most disadvantaged ch demonstrate incredible resilient daily

  3. sacha_mbe

    SchoolsImprove I will wonder what a set back for a privately educated young person is compared to the setbacks my young people face?

  4. validconsent

    SchoolsImprove define tougher. To we mean more privilege? Have greater confidence experience and training with these types of task?

  5. Provokedpedagog

    SchoolsImprove Cressidas pony dying compared to Johnny’s heroin addicted baby! This is wealth not education that’s the ruling factor.

  6. Provokedpedagog

    SchoolsImprove Surprise those with vast wealth can take setbacks better…… Social engineering by the toiletgraph.

  7. Guest Governor

    Seems any mention of private schools immediately draws out the usual stereotypical references rather than encourages a rational discussion of the issues.  Perhaps the report is flawed, perhaps not.  Please let’s not dismiss all those young people who attend private schools through a choice not of their making or through significant sacrifice made by parents, who on the basis of this report would appear to be in the right.
    Not all those attending private school have vast wealth and from my experience the relative wealth differences between those attending maintained schools or academies can create its own prejudice and privilege.

  8. From the full report:  ‘It is a purely
    quantitative study and represents a “snap shot in time”. No qualitative work was
    The state schools used for comparison were only those which had previously done similar tests by AQR, the researchers who produced the ISC v state schools report.   We don’t know if these were typical of state schools.
    The report acknowledges  ‘We cannot say with certainty that this
    represents a picture of all Independent School pupils.’  Yet the ISC press release, used as a basis for the Telegraph article, presents the results as being applicable to all private schools.
    Finally, the researchers acknowledged that results from one of the tests should be used with caution.  No such caution in the ISC press release.

    Full report:

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