Prince’s Trust Youth Index reveals ‘Staggering deterioration in young people’s confidence’

Huffington Post reports that the number of young people who don’t feel in control of their lives increased by a third during the last year – to a record high – and a fifth of 16-25 year olds think their “life will amount to nothing”, a survey has revealed. 

The Prince’s Trust Macquarie Youth Index shows a “staggering deterioration in young people’s confidence in themselves and in their future”, its chief executive, Nick Stace, said as the report was published Wednesday. 

The 2018 research shows that 39% of young people don’t feel in control of their lives, up 11% from 2017 (28%) – which was the previous highest since the Index was first commissioned – and 21% think “their life will amount to nothing, no matter how hard they try”.

Further to the sense of gloom felt by those surveyed, one in four working young people said they felt trapped in a “cycle of jobs they don’t want” and 73% said they thought they were “capable of getting a better job ” but were “held back by low confidence and a lack of opportunities to develop their skills”.

Some 59% said they feel they need “opportunities to develop their skills before they can think about career options” and 54% believe a lack of self-confidence holds them back.

Almost a third (29%) of those surveyed think getting relevant work experience is one of the “biggest challenges in pursuing a career” and the same amount of respondents said they took on “whatever jobs” they could get, rather than focusing on “developing their career”.

The Index is a national survey of 2,194 people that gauges young people’s “happiness and confidence across a range of areas from working life to physical health” and is in its ninth year. 

This year, the Trust says, it will support around 60,000 disadvantaged young people to “develop the confidence and skills they need to succeed in life”.

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  1. Well, I suppose that is how it feels when you have been told to be happy all the time and not realise that you are being sucked into the state machine as a ‘worker’ for the global super-powers.

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