Prince Charles attacks schools for failing to teach life skills and character

Prince Charles has attacked British schools for failing to install ‘character’ in pupils and making them virtually unemployable. The Prince said the education system is leaving children bereft of vital life skills and unable to develop the confidence needed to develop into successful adults. This is from the Daily Mail…

While conceding the importance of academic education, Charles stressed pupils need to be taught to cope with the world that awaits them if they were to have a chance of getting a job.

The royal was speaking to business leaders at St James’s Palace yesterday, after a visit to a project which helps unemployed young people turn their lives around.

Speaking of the visit, he said: ‘What was being said is that life skills – which consist of developing self-esteem, self-confidence, looking people in the eye – all these things are not taught in schools or hardly at all.

‘What it seems we’re lacking is that element in educational process of character, alongside all the other bits and pieces which are of course important.

‘But if you can’t actually cope with the world out there, the kind of interaction that’s required of people, it is impossible it seems to me to manage, let alone to be employable.’

More at:  Schools don’t teach life skills warns Charles: Prince says education system leaves youngsters unable to develop into successful adults

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