Primary school’s Sats results for entire year void after teacher’s cheating a hearing is told

The Mirror is reporting that a primary school’s Sats results for an entire year have been declared null and void after a teacher encouraged his pupils to cheat…

Ian Guffick, 31, asked students at Mitton Manor Primary School, Tewkesbury, Glouctestershire, to change their answers while they sat the tests.

A local authority investigator was made aware of possible exam maladministration at the school on 27 June 2014, the National College for Teaching and Leadership heard.

Following an investigation it emerged Guffick had encouraged pupils to change their answers outside test conditions.

He even amended some of the exam scripts himself.

As a result the school’s Key Stage 2 results for 2014 were invalidated and Guffick was sacked.

In a letter to the panel Guffick claimed he had been asking pupils to make their answers more legible…

Guffick may reapply for teaching status in 2017…

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It is interesting that a primary school teacher gets sacked and banned for this but secondary school teachers guilty of malpractice in formal exams seem to face much lower sanctions. It would also be interesting to know what kind of pressure Mr Guffick was under (although in my opinion – and apparently that of the NCTL panel – that can never be an excuse). 


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  1. janboo

    SchoolsImprove Pressure from above? High stakes stress? Agree to not condoning but I do have some understanding.

  2. WildCreatures

    SchoolsImprove very sad that the teacher felt they had to do this. Too much #pressure to achieve results

  3. Meenakumari999

    SchoolsImprove Need to find out why the teacher was put under so much pressure.Bullying by head teacher ?

  4. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove I imagine the teacher might consider himself a little unlucky to have been caught, not that that justifies it in any way

  5. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Many secondary teachers might suggest that is incident isn’t isolated when they see the GCSE targets for their groups!

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