Primary school website ‘hacked by ISIS’

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that a primary school’s website has been hacked by a group claiming to be linked to terror group ISIS.

This morning the site belonging to St Luke’s CE Primary School in Heywood showed only a cryptic symbol and a message from a hacking group. 

The image shows a headless black suited figure which looks to be set on a United Nations symbol and wearing a Jordanian flag over its pocket.

The website says ‘ANNOUNCEMENT: HACKED BY ISIS. Hacked By MRX’ and there is music playing in the background.

All the school’s website’s normal content had disappeared. Screengrabbed shots of the hacked website have begun to shared on social media with Twitter and Facebook users expressing concerns.

However education officers at Rochdale Council insist no data has been compromised…

A spokesman for the school said the incident was not serious but did not want to comment further…

More (including an image of the hacked site) at: Heywood primary school website ‘hacked by ISIS’


We had a similar incident at a leading Jewish school recently and it looks like the St Luke’s website is back to normal again now but probably a bit disconcerting for those involved with the schools.

Perhaps worth beefing up security settings on school website admin access?


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