Primary school to ‘prepare’ pupils as member of staff undergoes gender change

Cambridge News is reporting that a Cambridgeshire primary school is to educate its pupils on a member of staff’s transition to a woman, despite concerns from some parents.

Last Friday a letter was sent to all parents and guardians at the school, informing them a male-presenting ‘midday supervisor’ was intending to undergo gender realignment, in order to live as a woman.

In it, the headteacher wrote that the staff member, who has worked at the school since 2013, “has been attending a gender realignment clinic where he has been receiving advice and help in managing his current situation”.

He adds: “We have begun to prepare children in a very general sense by taking opportunities in class and assemblies to talk about equality, diversity and different life choices. This is in line with our statutory duties under the Equalities Act 2010 and also in line with the inclusive values and ethos of our school.”

The News has taken the decision not to identify the individual or the school.

However a couple, who have two children at the primary, contacted the News to express their disapproval at the school’s approach.

One said: “What we object to is our little one – who can’t even spell left and right yet – hasn’t been taught anything about sex education, but we have been told they are going to be teaching about transgender issues.

“Talking to a child of that age, without asking our opinion first, is absolutely disgusting.”

…However the headteacher told the News the staff member, who worked as a parent volunteer before becoming a lunchtime supervisor, had the full support of the school.

He said: “I don’t think there is anything to consult on…”

More at: Cambridgeshire primary school to ‘prepare’ pupils as member of staff undergoes gender change


From the full article it sounds like many other parents are supportive of the school’s approach but what do you think – do the parents who are objecting have a valid argument about being consulted? 

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  1. jonnywalker_edu

    SchoolsImprove communitaspr Good on the school to take a bold step. I know of another school where a teacher transitioned and…

  2. jonnywalker_edu

    SchoolsImprove communitaspr … Because it was supported thoughtfully by the school, it allowed school to become true support mechanism

  3. communitaspr

    jonnywalker_edu SchoolsImprove parental objection here that no ‘consultation’ before decision to tell kids, did other sch involve parents?

  4. jonnywalker_edu

    communitaspr SchoolsImprove couldn’t say. I don’t think it needed a consultation – what could the alternative be? Ban the op? Sack them?

  5. teach_well

    SchoolsImprove Bit disappointed you chose to highlight the negative parent rather than the positive one in the actual article. As for the

  6. teach_well

    SchoolsImprove parents who dislike it – well what about the class teacher being pregnant? Is it ok to discuss that with a 4 yr old?

  7. SchoolsImprove

    teach_well I think my comment at the end makes it clear there was much support too, but the story is surely because of those who disagree

  8. teach_well

    FlyMyGeekFlag SchoolsImprove Indeed – I feel a sense of déjà vu here bc similar arg’s were used about gay teachers when I was younger.

  9. teach_well

    FlyMyGeekFlag SchoolsImprove The author of that article was full of it – there was obviously a diff between what the sch told the ch &

  10. teach_well

    FlyMyGeekFlag SchoolsImprove parent then said their child was saying to them. Some will always confuse the message. As for the innocence

  11. teach_well

    FlyMyGeekFlag SchoolsImprove arg I take it these parents are not the ones allowing their ch on tablets with no parental controls…..

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