Primary school teachers play ‘important role’ in good behaviour among teenagers

The Daily Mail is reporting that children who have a positive relationship with their primary school teacher go on to be less aggressive as teenagers, a Cambridge University study has found.

Researchers found that students with a more positive relationship with their teacher displayed towards peers, on average, 18% more pro-social behaviour (and 10% more up to two years later), and up to 38% less aggressive behaviour (and 9% less up to four years later), over students who felt ambivalent or negative toward their teacher.

The importance of good teacher relationships on infant behaviour was already known, and programmes have been designed to help pre-school teachers improve relationships with pupils, which in turn improves pupil behaviour.

“Teachers play an important role in the development of children,” said the study’s lead author Dr Ingrid Obsuth.

“Students who feel supported tend to be less aggressive and more pro-social, and we now have evidence that this is the case from pre-school right through to adolescence.

“Educational and school policies should take this into consideration when supporting teachers in fostering their relationships with students.”

More at: Primary school teachers play ‘important role’ in good behaviour among teenagers

Do you feel there is an importance to forming a good relationship with pupils in primary schools? Do you think this has an effect on their behaviour later on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Sophie

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