Primary school pupils spending more time in PE

The Telegraph is reporting DfE research that suggests primary school pupils are now spending an average of more than two hours a week in PE lessons as the government announces a further £150m of funding…

The survey found that children are now spending 13 minutes longer every week playing sports while at school than they were last year.

Ministers said that it will help with children’s “confidence, discipline and determination”.

Schools across England will this week find out how much extra funding for PE they will receive under the Government’s PE and Sports Premium, which is worth more than £150million-a-year.

Since the funding was introduced in 2013, research has shown that nine out of 10 schools have already improved the quality of their sports lessons.

Edward Timpson, the Minister for Children and Families, said: “As part of our plan for education, we want all children to get into the habit of playing and enjoying sport in primary school as it can help instil confidence, discipline and determination.

“Thanks to our PE and Sports Premium, primary schools are offering more and better quality sport programmes – and this funding boost will help head teachers go further…

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See the DfE announcement of the £150m annual funding at: £150 million to boost primary school sport


The research here is based on two surveys of primary heads and senior managers – would you concur with the findings? Are children doing more sport/exercise than previously? What, if anything, needs to be done to take things further now? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove DfE find that one of the DfE’s initiatives is working and everyone’s really happy about it. Thank you Sherlock

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove “DfE find that one of their initiatives is working shock!” Neglect to mention initial cut in funding to PE #howcareless

  3. neil_play

    SchoolsImprove 2hrs of PE per week or 6hrs pw for active play? 1.4years over whole of primary sch! Make playtimes better=healthier kids

  4. neil_play

    samflatman SchoolsImprove Schs cld achieve more activity over far longer time if they understd how play shld be offered! OPALOutdoorplay

  5. neil_play

    samflatman SchoolsImprove pt2 And it could be delivered across whole of England for far less cost! Only requires training, not equipment

  6. MinistryOfFooty

    SchoolsImprove 13 minutes more doing what? Most of PE (two-thirds) is spent standing waiting your turn or sitting listening to a teacher.

  7. samflatman

    neil_play SchoolsImprove I agree that training is vital. But you do need a sports pitch to train on, so some equipment will be needed.

  8. w_roberts6

    SchoolsImprove your headline says more time in PE… Govt report says sport? Until we work the difference out this generation is doomed!

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