Primary school pupils off to the pub for hot lunches

Children at a Northamptonshire school have been going to the pub at lunchtime for a hot meal. Pupils at Tiffield Church of England Primary School, near Towcester, are tucking into two-course meals at The George, a short walk away. This is from the BBC…

The visits started two weeks ago after the school was unable to find anyone to serve dinner to its 27 pupils.

Head teacher Eliza Hollis said: “There are no local providers willing to come out to that number on the roll.”

Children were only able to take a packed lunch to Tiffield Primary, which has no kitchen, before the dinner club started.

Mrs Hollis said: “We looked at a catering company and also at the local authority to transport the meals as we have a kitchen at my other school but it was not cost effective.

“I’m a firm believer in hot lunches and there has been a massive improvement in attainment and concentration.”

The children, aged between four and 11, go to the pub three times a week to be cooked lunch by the landlord, with the menu so far including roast dinners, pasta dishes, sausages and puddings.

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