Primary school misery for parents as 63,000 place shortfall predicted

The Mirror is reporting that parents will struggle to find a primary school for their children next year as ministers predict a 63,000 shortfall in places. 

Earlier this year the Local Government Association warned of a “national crisis” over lack of places owing to a growing population.

Now, despite 500,000 new school places since 2010, Children’s Minister Edward Timpson has admitted this is not enough for next September’s intake…

Shadow Education Secretary Lucy Powell said: “Ministers have been asleep on the job.

“This underlines the Tory failure to provide a good education for many children.”

NASUWT teachers’ union chief Chris Keates added: “ Under this Government school place planning has been reduced to chaos. 

“Local authorities have been subsumed by the Government’s focus on free schools regardless of local need.”

The number of young children taught in class sizes of 31 or more has trebled to 100,000 since 2010.

Labour says that instead of allocating money where it is needed the Tories spent more than £240million setting up free schools…

More at: Primary school misery for parents as 63,000 place shortfall predicted


As best I can tell, this is referring to comments made by Edward Timpson in a written commons answer last month so, whilst clearly of concern, I’m not sure there is anything new here.

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  1. MikesuziNZ

    SchoolsImprove This would only happen in England, most schools capital have been drastically reduced and many schools are outdated.

  2. Yet money has been spent on providing extra places in areas where there’s no need via the free schools programme; £1b was overspent on the academies programme in the early days of the Coalition; money is available to fund capital expenditure in academies which can’t be accessed by non-academies in dire need of structural improvement never mind extra places.
    To make matters worse, LAs can’t direct academies to expand – in such cases the need for extra provision falls on non-academies.  LAs can’t even prevent academies from closing if the trust decides to do so.

  3. BehaviourA

    Just disgraceful -how has this been allowed to happen. When we are able to more and more accurately predict likely need and know more and more about how important a good early start is. In more and more families two parents work and a reliable, accessible place for education and before and after school childcare is essential for many.

  4. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Labour moaning about LAs having hands tied regarding new school provision is a bit rich as they got the ball rolling

  5. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Politicians have reduced the provision of education to a shambles in much of the UK; they should be ashamed but aren’t

  6. TW

    Lucy Powell should have the grace to admit that this problem arose because of the outright lying of the Labour government about the true scale of immigration into Britain – a precedent that the present government is happy to follow.

  7. BeckyWhin

    SchoolsImprove come to devon. Double figures of schools closed or threatened with closure in last five years here 🙁

  8. darrenkeogh59

    Lucy Powell should name and shame the MP’s who have been asleep at the job. ..but will she have the bravery to name her own party?
    The answer will be NO…

  9. jackiecassell

    SchoolsImprove and entirely predictable & predicted, not #migration but registered #births ukhomeoffice GeneratingG

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