Primary school league tables 2017: Compare the top 1,000 schools as academies fail to make as much progress as state counterparts

The Telegraph reports that the Department for Education has measured how much progress primary school children have made, as well as how many have met the Government’s national standard for the three Rs.

Overall, the number of primary school pupils meeting the expected standard in reading, writing and maths has risen from 53 per cent last year to 61 per cent this year.

The rise is partly explained by the fact that schools are now in their second year of teaching the new tougher SATs, which incorporate a tougher primary curriculum introduced in 2014, brought in to “raise expectations”.

Failing schools which were ordered by the Government to be turned into “sponsored academies” in a bid to raise standards, but this year’s figures show that these schools under-performed against the average of all local authority-maintained schools.

Even children at schools that were turned into sponsored academies six or more years ago are still making less progress than their peers at local authority schools for in reading, writing and maths.

Meanwhile, children at converter academies – schools which have opted to turn into academies – are have made similar progress to those at local authority schools.

Overall, more than 270,0000 children are at primary schools failed to meet the expected standard by the end of primary school. Schools are considered under-performing if fewer than 65 per cent of pupils reach the expected standard in reading, writing and maths, or if they fail to make sufficient progress in them.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is it surprising that sponsored academies are still failing to make good progress. Give and others, for ideological reasons, decided that the cure to all problems in schools was Academisation. Simplistic and now the DfE will be scrabbling for a reason … probably ‘legacy of LA control’ will surface at some point.

  2. Anonymous

    Its time to admit that not all children are academic , theylearn at different rates . Areas of hight deprivation where children go home to drug , drink, chaotic , depressed parents who function to survive and put food on the table and heat the home .Damaged children who see too much and hear too much DV. Inner city schools where there can be 30 different first languages, eastern europeans arriving that have never been in a school. Political decisions have ruined our education system while those that are already well off are taking millions out of education by acadamisation , look at the high salaries being paid at the top . Its a mess, teachers are leaving the production line, all due too politicians who dont live in the real world

  3. wasateacher

    I wonder how long the Government and the DfE can keep up the pretence that making academies does anything but cost a huge amount of money but does not improve standards. Just how many reports, based on research, does it take. I suppose, since the Tories have invested so much of their education policy in the academisation process, they would see it as too much of a climb down at a time when they are vulnerable.

    However, heads and Governors of schools and local authorities have now no excuse for suggesting that schools convert or get sponsored.

  4. Please amend your description of under performing. It is possible to have less than 65% of children reaching the expected standard but have excellent progress and therefore not be under-performing.

  5. Those school must note down the failure reasons and then work on it to make sure the journey of success again on educational field. They main aim should be to participate to promote and give the access of education to everyone in the whole country.

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