Primary school introduces uniforms for teachers

The Sentinel from Staffordshire is reporting that all teachers at a primary school have agreed to new teacher uniforms and dress code in an attempt to help raise pupils’ expectations…

Teachers have no excuse for looking scruffy in lessons after their school became one of the first in England to introduce a staff uniform.

All 40 members of staff at Sandon Primary, in Meir, now wear their black and white uniform with pride.

And the school dress code extends to them having to sport sensible haircuts, cover up any tattoos and avoid fancy jewellery.

Sandon introduced the changes to help raise pupils’ expectations and show them it was important to look smart.

But while teachers at other schools may balk at the thought of wearing a uniform, everyone at Sandon has agreed to the changes.

They have each been given two free outfits, using the school budget.

The tops, which feature the Sandon logo, are even stocked at the same school uniform shop as the pupils’ outfits.

Deputy headteacher Lizzie Kiddle said: “It feels good to wear it. You do feel more professional. And if you look professional, the children respect you more.

“Staff don’t have to wear the uniform. But everyone has chosen to wear it. It also means children can clearly identify a member of staff.”

The staff uniform includes a white shirt or blouse, which features the logo, or a branded black top. They also wear black or grey trousers or skirts and a black cardigan, jumper or suit jacket.

Male staff are also expected to wear a tie in lessons, although polo shirts are allowed in warm weather. Polo shirts are worn for PE too.

Year 6 teacher Liz Dale said: “We have to get changed for PE, just like the children. I was really pleased to have a uniform. It gives you a sense of belonging to the school.”

The staff uniform is different to the one worn by pupils, who have maroon sweatshirts.

But youngsters have been so impressed with their teachers’ commitment that there are no longer any issues with pupils flouting uniform rules.

Eleven-year-old Paige Johnson, from Meir, said: “I remember when some teachers wore flashy clothes. I’ve got to say I like them wearing a uniform. I’m no longer jealous.”…

More at: Teachers at a Meir school are dressed for success – by wearing their own uniform

Any other schools with teachers’ uniforms? What do you think of the idea? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Interesting – students can no longer moan about uniform etc. Presumably kids could spot staff pre-uniform due to size though

  2. miconm

    ElizCro SchoolsImprove rather than a shirt & tie. (With a logo). I suppose it takes away having to think what to wear!

  3. miconm

    betsysalt a primary school maybe 40 staff (depends on size?) £5k? But would you expect them to then buy themselves? It would be annual cost

  4. ElizCro

    miconm I just find it odd that anyone would think this more professional. Visions of staff wearing same polos as Yr 1s 😉 SchoolsImprove

  5. miconm

    betsysalt I feel uncomfortable about it. If you want a dress code have a dress code – but it undermines professionalism. I suppose

  6. SJJones2014

    miconm SchoolsImprove we have logo polo shirts & fleeces for staff. Optional during school day but many choose to wear. Mandatory on trips

  7. inwte

    SchoolsImprove Stories like this make me glad I am leaving the ‘profession’ this Summer. Teachers towing the corporate line. #Domeafavour

  8. SJJones2014

    miconm SchoolsImprove they are great also mandatory for dinner ladies. Parents & pupils know who staff are. Also sense of team.

  9. SJJones2014

    miconm SchoolsImprove I wasn’t initially but it really does work. Some of our parents would feel intimidated if presented with a suit. I

  10. SJJones2014

    miconm SchoolsImprove it is v good for messy work too. On trips it is awesome. And v useful to have fleece to pop on if cold!

  11. SJJones2014

    miconm SchoolsImprove we have different colours aside from school blue (main one and the one reqd for trips) – mine purple natch!

  12. virkjay

    betsysalt miconm Went to a meeting and all staff looked like something out of B&Q advert!! Our room add heating in for meeting!

  13. andylutwyche

    inwte SchoolsImprove I have to say, I wouldn’t be keen to wear a “teachers’ uniform” but think I’m smart enough (dress-wise!) in a suit

  14. miconm

    SJJones2014 SchoolsImprove I agree primary dress will often be less formal than secondary but I’m still on fence.

  15. SJJones2014

    miconm SchoolsImprove I was with you and when I started was “this has got to change at least in the office as the “face” of the school.

  16. miconm

    SJJones2014 SchoolsImprove mind you, our site is so huge we could do with trench coats, umbrellas & wellies to get round…

  17. SJJones2014

    miconm SchoolsImprove I was completely wrong. It is a stroke of genius esp. when the “team” has to be nurtured & community fostered.

  18. SJJones2014

    miconm SchoolsImprove I don’t wear v often as I think it is important for me to be suited & booted however I do wear on trips & mufti

  19. inwte

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove yes nothing wrong with a smart appropriate dress code but a uniform? We need to understand teachers are adults

  20. andylutwyche

    inwte SchoolsImprove Agreed – no problem with a policy at all. It does conjure up images of teachers arriving in fancy dress pre-uniform!

  21. SGuern64

    SchoolsImprove Not in favour of uniforms for pupils, not an issue for most countries but for staff #asteptoofar

  22. Jan_Rush

    miconm we have a stock of school logo fleeces & polo shirts in adult sizes. Staff can wear if they want on trips or playground duty

  23. VictoriaJaquiss

    SchoolsImprove Children’s expectations – no identity now, and when I grow up, no identity then. They will be a number next.

  24. Louiseema77

    ElizCro miconm SchoolsImprove I have to agree! Our staff dress v. professionally, it’s been noted by many visitors! T-shirts are informal

  25. janboo

    miconm SchoolsImprove Have posted link to local paper with picture! IMHO – not particularly smart! A bit B and Q

  26. Brackens1

    SchoolsImprove Ambicltd1 I could never understand the scruffy look for teachers. In #Dundee it’s either smart casual or formal dress.

  27. BrendaBleack

    SchoolsImprove PrimaryHead1 Excellent! Then my retirement age would be that of “uniform services”…. 60.

  28. bradbeetle

    SchoolsImprove I agree that teachers should look smart but looking the same as pupils perhaps removes the aspirational part of Education

  29. VictoriaJaquiss

    SchoolsImprove &100% staff said what a good idea? Bring on the Stepford teachers. Where are Sheffield marathon runners when you need them?

  30. artmadnana

    SchoolsImprove ridiculous. No idea of how colour inspires children. Better to dress brightly in classrooms not like students. Crazy idea.

  31. paulrogers002

    ian_bec SchoolsImprove See – why does Gove want to impose a uniform on teachers when they already have one? #ShoveTheGove ->

  32. paulrogers002

    ian_bec SchoolsImprove -> What next, BTW? Compulsory pub quiz attendence for teachers? Hard to keep them away now..

  33. paulrogers002

    ian_bec SchoolsImprove Seriously, though – #Gove is clearly bonkers. Uniformed teachers – what message does that send to students?

  34. SimBadd64

    SchoolsImprove On the bright side they’ll be able to claim tax relief on the cost of purchasing & laundering their work wear. #SilverLining

  35. JulesDaulby

    liamhog73 hahaha – I needed to look at your pic to remember you – it’s the Warrington rugby old flat mate how ARE you?

  36. JulesDaulby

    You on Facebook? The rest of the crew on there – Mel,Stan, Kitty, Marjie – tend you use this for work and rants…:-0

  37. clemstew

    SchoolsImprove I don’t need a uniform to feel I ‘belong’ in a school. Where’s the creativity and imagination which makes teachers great?

  38. clemstew

    SchoolsImprove I don’t need a uniform to feel I ‘belong’ in a school. Where’s the creativity and imagination which makes teachers great?

  39. SLT_Kat

    bradbeetle SchoolsImprove agreed! It’s not a catwalk & I can’t ever forget comment from students-want teachers to look like teachers!

  40. ian_bec

    paulrogers002 SchoolsImprove a superficial equality to it. I pity teachers who wear uniform on non uniform days, in solidarity with kids.

  41. 5N_Afzal

    ClerktoGovernor badguvnor SchoolsImprove There are people on Twitter who are pretty handy with needles. I’ll ask them to knot me one.

  42. badguvnor

    SDPenny1 5N_Afzal SchoolsImprove Lanyrads? V. posh! Try small ‘visitor’ sticker that usually ends up lost or stuck on some 6yo’s head.

  43. SDPenny1

    badguvnor 5N_Afzal SchoolsImprove Well, we don’t have one each – we have to share. Not all at the same time, obviously!

  44. WirralGov

    5N_Afzal badguvnor SDPenny1 SchoolsImprove Mine says Chair AND I can use the toggle to open doors ! #willwantpearlsasstandard

  45. SugaredPill

    SDPenny1 WirralGov 5N_Afzal badguvnor SchoolsImprove I have a toggle that I never remember to take with me and end up on doorstep

  46. SDPenny1

    SugaredPill WirralGov 5N_Afzal badguvnor SchoolsImprove I made a woggle from pipe cleaners in the cubs. Does that count?

  47. SDPenny1

    SugaredPill WirralGov 5N_Afzal badguvnor SchoolsImprove Ahhh, now meetings on doorsteps is a whole different subject!

  48. WirralGov

    SugaredPill SDPenny1 5N_Afzal badguvnor SchoolsImprove I have three badges, two as chair, with photo and toggles. #beatthat

  49. 5N_Afzal

    SDPenny1 SugaredPill WirralGov badguvnor SchoolsImprove Would have got something else too if you’d only waited till the case was opened

  50. GEConsultancy

    SchoolsImprove teachers as professionals shd be trusted to choose appropriate workwear as per dress policy. If not it’s an internal issue

  51. rjw66rjw

    HeyMissSmith I worked in a primary school once where the Head wore the same uniform as the kids: they loved it!

  52. rjw66rjw

    HeyMissSmith I can sort of see their point, but I love the way kids at my school ‘customise’ the uniform: some are really creative

  53. Perlalaloca

    HeyMissSmith Smacks of desperation. Teachers usually have a dress code, but shouldn’t wear the same as kids. We aren’t kids!

  54. Mr_Chas

    HeyMissSmith you know you love a ‘corporate look’. Like having a pay rise as you don’t have to buy your work clothes. Great idea.

  55. Ria1984

    betsysalt HeyMissSmith to be fair, our school has polo shirts for staff… But then in my job I wouldn’t want to be in my own clothes?

  56. JMercer

    Gove would love it. Let’s take away all our personality and individuality; dress us in a uniform and kill our creativity for ever.

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