Primary school to install unisex toilets for ‘LGBT pupils’

The Daily Mail is reporting that parents have hit out at plans to introduce unisex toilets at new primary schools to help pupils as young as five confused about their gender.

There will be no separate facilities for boys and girls in three new schools in a move that has prompted several angry parents to complain in writing to the local authority.

Malcolm Balfour, SNP councillor for Drumchapel and Anniesland, said: ‘Parents have raised serious concerns over the introduction of unisex toilets in the school. In Scandinavian countries they do this quite successfully but this is the first primary school in Glasgow.

‘I can see that it teaches kids it doesn’t matter what their gender is. A girl who feels trapped in a boy’s body and a boy who feels trapped in a girl’s body might feel embarrassed to be going into the “wrong” toilets.

‘But girls mature more quickly than boys and they start to develop towards the end of primary school and they need their privacy. Parents feel they should have been consulted first.’

David McEwan, estate programme manager for education services at the council, said: ‘Bullying is reduced, behaviour is improved, no graffiti, no soggy bombs on the ceilings.

‘It also assists in the LGBT agenda because if we have children even in primary school who are confused about their gender and worry, “Do I go to the girl’s toilet or the boy’s toilet?” – well, it doesn’t matter. It saves a lot of space. 

‘We try to make assets now that will really sweat. New schools cost £3,000 a square metre (10 sq ft) so we need to make sure we are getting absolute bang for our buck.’

He likened the new toilets to a row of disabled access toilets in that they will be fully enclosed but share a row of sinks.

More at: Primary school to install unisex toilets for ‘LGBT pupils’ as young as five who are ‘confused about their gender’

I can’t really see why parents are making such a fuss. The toilets will be individual cubicles, how much more privacy do children need? Let us know your thoughts. ~ Sophie

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