Primary school head who called staff ‘f*****g Muslims’ banned from teaching for life

The Independent is reporting that an Essex primary school head has now been banned from teaching for life after witnesses at an NCTL panel detailed accounts of bullying behaviour towards teachers and pupils…

The National College for Teaching and Leadership panel spent two weeks reviewing evidence on Anupe Hanch, 49, finding her guilty of unacceptable professional conduct at work which resulted in a lifelong teaching ban.

The panel published its report on Friday, in which it details 10 witness accounts of the former-headmistress’ bullying behaviour towards teachers and pupils…

She was also found guilty of saying “I’m not going to be like those f***ing Muslims taking a day off for Eid,” referring to staff who wanted time off for holidays, the report revealed. Hanch denied the accusation, saying that such words went against everything she believed in. 

Witnesses described how Hanch regularly treated her colleagues with disrespect and intimidation, and that she shouted and used swear words. In the report, the panel said there was nothing to suggest Hanch’s actions were not deliberate.

The report also stated that she shouted at a child with special educational needs: “do you want to become a paedophile” and asked them “do you like touching women’s breasts?”

…Judge Paul Heathcote ruled that: “in view of the seriousness of the allegations found proved against her, I have decided that Mrs Anupe Hanch shall not be entitled to apply for restoration of her eligibility to teach…”

More at: ‘Racist’ primary school headmistress who called staff ‘f*****g Muslims’ banned from teaching for life


You can read the full report from the NCTL at: Mrs Anupe Hanch: Professional conduct panel outcome


I’ve only scanned through the report but it contains quite a catalogue of allegations against Anupe Hanch and no apparent shortage of witnesses to validate them. Comeuppance?


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