Primary school bans homework after pupils and parents voted to read books instead

The Telegraph is reporting that a primary school in Scotland has banned homework and replaced it with reading books instead.

Children at the 193-pupil Inverlochy Primary School in Fort William have been urged instead to use the time they would have spent on homework to read books, magazines and comics.

Nearly 80 per cent of pupils and 62 per cent of parents supported the move at the Highland school, while the 10 teachers were split down the middle. The school carried out a six-week trial last year during which pupils were given no homework so that they had more time to play.

Pupils were then sent home with slips that asked their parents to respond with a simple “yes” or “no” to a no-homework policy.

A spokesman for EIS, the teachers’ union, said: “It is important that all pupils develop their abilities to study independently and homework is one, but not the only, method of supporting this type of independent learning.”

More at: Primary school bans homework after pupils and parents voted to read books instead

Do you think that reading is just as efficient in helping students as homework? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter. ~ Meena

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  1. Busy Mum

    ballater6 SchoolsImprove As a primary parent for the last 18+ years, I abhor homework at primary level and I think it became compulsory on Tony Blair’s orders….

  2. Busy Mum ballater6 SchoolsImprove Agree.  Homework at primary level should be confined to reading.  And you’re right about Blair.  The Labour Government issued  guidelines in 1998.  Primary schools were told to set an hour of homework a week for children aged five to seven, rising to half an hour a night for seven-to-11-year-olds. Secondary schools were told to set 45 to 90 minutes a night for pupils aged 11 to 14, and up to two-and-a-half hours a night for those aged 14 to 16.
    A classic example of Government interference in what schools should do.  To his credit (not something I generally write), Gove scrapped these recommendations (but then spoiled it by saying schools should work longer hours).

  3. BSCit

    There are plenty of tasks that can be set that are much more interesting than standard homework. Watch the news and see how many (insert relevant research bit here), ask the adults you live with how they learned about….. (SRE type info), have a look at this website, and figure out ………., compliment someone at least once a day for next week/smile at your teacher as you go into every lesson today and ask how they are….what effect did that have? Do random acts of kindness at least twice in the next week…what did you do? How did it make a difference? How did you feel? Do something that breaks social norms in public (sociology, after a lesson on that), and film it/feedback about it. Walk a dog, without taking music etc. Notice nature. Breathe. Practise calming techniques for stress management. Talk to the adults you live with about what kind of event they would want for their funeral and why. Etc etc. (I am a PSHE teacher btw)

  4. Busy Mum

    Janet2 Busy Mum ballater6 SchoolsImprove Thankyou. My children – sons especially – are so sick of homework by the time they move onto secondary school that they lose interest, and I even find that my teenagers often have less to do than my younger ones. The ones who should be playing Lego etc don’t have the time to, and those who do have the time should have moved on from playing!

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