Primary pupils to study 10 classical music pieces in new BBC initiative

The Mail is reporting that ten pieces of classical music have been chosen for all primary school children to study, under a new initiative being led by the BBC…

The BBC has unveiled the works, which include those by Beethoven, Stravinsky and Handel, so more pupils will experience classical music.

The project, called Ten Pieces, is being launched through a film that will then be used in lessons.

A total of 150 arts organisations have signed up to the scheme and will go into schools to help run inter-active workshops about the pieces.

Members of BBC orchestras will also visit classes along with special screenings and school concerts being held, in a programme that is due to launch this week.

It comes amid fears that children are not being taught about classical music in preference to other subjects in the curriculum.

Violinist Nicola Benedetti has been made an ambassador along with singer-songwriter Laura Mvula and Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews.

Miss Benedetti, 27, yesterday told Radio 4: ‘There are few programmes, I can’t think of any in fact, that have such an intense dual focus, absolute quality in its presentation and no compromise in terms of the amount of children the programme wishes to reach.’

She has previously said: ‘Two aspects of the project stand out for me. The first is the sheer size. With over 150 organisations involved and the power of the BBC, the number of children likely to experience classical music could be enormous, and I hope will be.

‘The second is the quality with which classical music will be presented to the children, many of them probably for the very first time – first exposure can be vitally important, igniting a positive lifelong association with this great art form.

‘This experience, I am quite sure, will be exciting and enriching for all children, but above all is highly educational and substantive. This is something you cannot miss.’

BBC director general Tony Hall, who was previously chief executive of the Royal Opera House, said he hoped the scheme would reach virtually every UK primary school…

A BBC spokesman said: ‘Classical music is great for children. Not only is it good for their creativity, it can help with other subjects like maths, and even have a positive impact on behaviour.

‘While millions of people already enjoy classical music, it’s right that we light the classical music spark as early as possible.

‘The BBC is uniquely placed to help do this and we are delighted so many organisations have signed up to help us deliver the ambition of reaching virtually every child in the country.’…

More at: Primary pupils to study classical pieces by composers like Beethoven


I think the formal launch for this from the BBC is next week, but are you excited by what you’ve heard so far? Is this a welcome initiative from the BBC? Please give us your feedback in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. hecharden

    SchoolsImprove My son’s whole junior sch is going to the cinema to see the ten pieces film. He has been listening to them in assembly.

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