Primary pupils to gain true grit at knight school

David Cameron’s former head of policy at No 10 is planning to create a string of schools that will concentrate on instilling “grit” and “character” into youngsters. This is from the Sunday Times

James O’Shaughnessy, who developed many of the Tory party’s education policies, hopes to create as many as 30 primary schools across the southeast of England.

“Character education can make young people the authors of their own life story,” said O’Shaughnessy, who was educated at Wellington College and Oxford.

He added: “Looking back at my own life, the things that have helped me achieve are not just my academic achievements, but my character strengths, which have come from my family and schooling. I feel that these are as powerful as getting good GCSEs or A-levels and, as time goes on, more so.”

…O’Shaughnessy, a father of two, claimed two thirds of secular primary schools struggled to teach values such as bravery, compassion and tenacity. By contrast, he said, his schools would offer lessons in perseverance, determination, loyalty and service to others.

Following a programme developed at Birmingham University, children will study the virtues of knights and heroes. They will be encouraged to compare their own behaviour with that of figures such as Don Quixote, the Spanish noble who seeks to revive chivalry in the novel of the same name, and King Arthur…

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What do you think of the idea of schools that focus on teaching perseverance, determination, loyalty and service to other? Do you think your or your child’s school already does this or do you think there is room for it to play a wider role? 

If you haven’t already, please also see this TED video from Angela Lee Duckworth on grit and education…

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  1. LaCatholicState

    I hope he will explain that chivalrous knightly behaviour was based on Christian teaching….and extolled Christian values

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