Primary head’s pay passes £200,000

The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that the executive headteacher of a primary academy enjoyed a salary in excess of £200,000 last year after being handed a massive pay rise, official accounts show…

Sir Greg Martin, executive head of Durand Academy in south London, saw his salary increase by around 56% in 2013 to a total of £200,822 – meaning he was earning more than the Prime Minister…

Figures included in the Trust’s annual accounts for 2013 show that Sir Greg’s salary rose 56.5% from £128,322 in 2012…

In addition to his salary, Sir Greg, who was knighted in last year’s birthday honours for services to education, also received £28,316 in pension contributions last year. Combined with his salary, this took his overall remuneration package for 2013 to £229,138.

The document also shows that Nathalie Parker, the academy’s acting headteacher, was given a salary of between £115,000 and £120,000 last year…

A Durand Academy spokesman said: “Durand’s Executive Head does not just run a primary school, but now oversees an Early Years school, a Junior School, a Middle School which opened in September 2012 and also leads the development of Durand’s pioneering plans for a state boarding school for its intake in West Sussex.

“With more than 1,000 children being educated across three school sites, it is a hugely demanding role and Governors are proud and privileged to retain the services of such an experienced and dedicated education leader. Children’s outstanding attainment in this year’s SATs is testament to his enduring positive impact.”

Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) said: ” It is remarkably hard to see how this can possibly be justified in a publicly funded school when those employed in the public sector are still restricted to a 1% pay rise.”…

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Reaction to this news? Clearly Sir Greg is being paid for more than just being a single school headteacher – do you think his extra responsibilities justify the level of remuneration? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove He was already being paid more than the PM, he’s just being paid even more than him now. Not justifiable in any way

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Does this not highlight the enormous gap in funding between academies/free schools and LA schools? Ideological and unfair

  3. willott333

    SchoolsImprove great if this is the new trend, I can’t wait for my pay raise!! Surely all teachers will be rewarded the same!! #ridiculous

  4. BarrySheerman

    SchoolsImprove This salary is higher than that paid to some Vice Chancellors & Principals of massive Colleges seems hard to justify to me,

  5. Janet2

    Sir Greg runs one primary school.  Yes it’s large (c1000 pupils aged 3-13) and he’s trying to open a state-funded boarding school in Sussex (NAO critical; planning permission refused), but his responsibilities don’t merit that high rate of pay.

  6. Aveda

    The other side to the story here is that the school has a surplus of £1.64 million, and that £243,000 (up from £186,000 in 2012) was paid for marketing and promotion to a company majority owned by Kevin Craig (Vice-chair of governors) – See more at:
    Furthermore, the Durand Trust had £2.4 million in the bank at 31 August 2013, probably partly due to the fact that the trust runs itself as a business (leisure centre, other income streams, etc).
    So media news leads on very high salaries of two of Durand’s staff, but conveniently does not report that public money is not totally spent directly on the children’s education.

  7. RikkiMac

    If hie is running four schools that would have 4 Heads in an LA money He is providing good value. The only extra funding Academies get is their share of central costs.

  8. redhappyshoes

    SchoolsImprove Almost double that number of students in my school alone (1900 on roll). Utterly obscene in my humble opinion.

  9. redhappyshoes

    SchoolsImprove Always willing to stand corrected if someone out there can explain and justify it to me.

  10. Janet2

    RikkiMac  Since when did one large primary school become four schools?    And who said:

    “Whatever one thinks of politicians, it seems wrong that the head of any academy can expect to earn twice the salary of the shadow secretary of state for schools,” 

    It was Michael Gove when he was shadow secretary of state for education.

  11. kccv1

    Those #Governors and that #knighted #Head should be #ashamed of themselves. It’s not their #money it’s the #pupils!

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