Primary head apologises after pupils traumatised watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video

The Mirror is reporting that a primary school head teacher has apologised to parents of schoolchildren who were left having nightmares after being shown the music video of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’…

Teachers showed children aged between seven and eight part of the 13-minute music video, once voted the most popular of all time in the Guinness World Records, as part of their education.

However, they failed to seek parental consent to show the video, classified as a Certificate 15 by the British Board of Film Classification.

It features Jackson turning into a zombie and dancing with a number of ‘undead’ performing in macabre make-up.

When they went home the children of Berrywood Primary School in Hedge End near Southampton, Hants, started having nightmares.

One angry mum said: “Lots of children had night terrors as a result of watching the video.

“I think it was a very bad judgement call by the teacher.”

Head teacher Chris Reilly received complaints from furious parents of children in the two Year Three classes and has written to them and other parents of the school to apologise.

It said: “It is with considerable regret that I am writing to you to apologise that the children in classes KP/3 and CF/3 were yesterday shown the Michael Jackson Thriller music video without parental consent being sought.

“With hindsight it is also regrettable that more careful consideration of the content and potential impact on the children was not applied before they watched it.”

Mr Reilly told parents the school showed part of the famous video from 1983, first shot after sales of the groundbreaking Thriller album started to slow…

Mr Reilly told parents in his apology that the issue has been ‘addressed internally’ and teachers will keep a close eye on the children who saw the film…

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Crumbs – I don’t think I would have given a second thought to showing this to my children at that age (which obviously doesn’t mean it is right to do so…). Your thoughts?


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