Poverty as bad as Charles Dickens era as hungry kids go without winter coats and sleep in uniform

According to Mirror, teachers are seeing ­distressing poverty among their pupils and more than half fear some will go hungry over Christmas.

A poll of 1,026 teachers in England highlighted how austerity is blighting the lives of poorer families…with their ­children bearing the brunt.

One said: “Kids come in without winter coats even in the coldest weather.”
Dr Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, which carried out the survey, said: “This is a Dickensian picture of the poverty that far too many children and their families are having to endure.”
And now the spectre of want is returning to modern Britain.
Dr Bousted added: “The Government is out of touch with the new reality of children’s daily lives: with what it means to live without enough money for basics, such as food, shoes and adequate clothing.
More than six out 10 teachers said more families could not afford adequate winter clothes or shoes than three years ago.
Nearly half said “holiday hunger” and housing issues, such as children living in ­overcrowded or temporary accommodation, were also worse than three years ago.
The survey said poverty was also contributing to more absences from school, behavioural issues, lack of concentration and pupils turning up late.
Last night Angela Rayner, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, said: ”These figures paint a shocking picture of the impact of the Tories’ austerity on a generation of children.
However the Government insisted: “Since 2010 there are 300,000 fewer children living in absolute poverty, employment is at a record and we’re committed to ensuring every child gets the very best chances.

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