Our position as a digital leader is under threat, so let’s go back to the classroom

The UK is currently in the grip of a major digital talent shortage. This is a problem which is costing the industry dearly, with more than half of tech and digital businesses offering inflated salaries in order to attract skilled talent. Katie Gallagher, managing director of  Manchester Digital writes in City.AM

Some of the main barriers to the UK solving its own talent problem lie in poorly thought-out government policy, a lack of joined-up thinking around education, and a shortage of investment in scalable solutions that will really deliver change.

So, how do we go about solving this? Well, it begins in the classroom.

Last year saw major advances in disruptive technologies, with mixed reality and artificial intelligence now moving into the mainstream.

However, from a skills perspective, this creates an entirely new set of problems. If our education system isn’t fit to deliver the current demand for digital skills, how on earth will it keep pace as new demands are created?

If we are to stay ahead in this ever-changing landscape, we must drastically change the way tech is taught in our schools. It’s no longer enough to simply have a computing curriculum – we need tech professionals who can teach the next generation of digital talent in a way that reflects the needs of industry.

Clearer progression routes from school are also sorely needed, and must be far more appealing to a wider range of students.

Considering that many countries have coding and computing at the heart of their curriculum, there is a very real danger that we will be left behind. It has never been more crucial for us to take proactive measures to remain at the forefront of the global digital economy, and the time for us to act is now.

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