Pollutionwatch: the fight for clean air at the school gates

Almost every week our newspapers report new studies on the damage that air pollution does to our health and especially to children. The Guardian reports.

In March 2018, a group of Belgian parents took action. Instead of going for coffee on a Friday morning, they closed the road outside their children’s school. They named their movement Filter-Café-Filtre.

Over the next two weeks, another 42 schools joined in. Now parents and teachers in 21 cities meet each Friday morning.

With hazard tape from DIY shops, banners and musical instruments, they close about 76 schools. Children play in the street and the parents drink coffee together to demand traffic-free zones, better walking and cycling routes and public transport so children do not have to be driven to school.

A survey by Sustrans found that nearly two-thirds of UK teachers wanted roads closed around their schools. Starting in Italy and then Scotland, so-called School Streets are spreading fast.

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Would you like to see the road to your school closed during certain hours? Is your area already a ‘School Street’? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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