Poll: Should free schools be able to employ individuals without Qualified Teacher Status as teachers?

The ability for free schools to recruit people as teachers who do not have Qualified Teacher Status has become a major point of contention between the political parties as was debated in parliament yesterday. We’d like you to let us know what you think by taking part in our poll…

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  1. inwte

    SchoolsImprove Schools should provide on request information on teachers and their qualifications on request #freedomofinformation

  2. Richardkharker

    meolscop1978 SchoolsImprove. 1970. A Cert Ed. Teachers was paid less than a Teacher with a degree and no training.

  3. hotrhod21

    SchoolsImprove I think so. Definitely a scheme where people can teach whilst working toward QTS. There are more important things than paper

  4. sajjad ashraf

    i am an overseas trained teacher ,having an experience of 30 years asa classtoom teacher and need a teaching job in uk.
    can you help me,
                 sajjad ashraf

  5. rrunsworth

    SchoolsImprove Poll too simple, should be can they employ w/o QTS but be required to complete within agreed timescale?

  6. ClaireTVI

    zsharman SchoolsImprove children deserve the best, degrees & QTS. Best teachers may not always have academic ‘first’ but shine in class

  7. BarkerLeadershp

    inwte SchoolsImprove ….parents have the right to express preference for the school, not for which teacher teaches their child!

  8. hotrhod21

    edujdw SchoolsImprove a ladder scheme working up from from TA/LSA, to part-time teaching then full. Could give children continuity too.

  9. edujdw

    hotrhod21 SchoolsImprove and no reason for that to attract QTS provided the person has the basic qualifications of a degree + Eng, Ma Sc

  10. edujdw

    SchoolsImprove No, only as instructors for specialist teaching is a qualified teacher is not available. Common sense I would have thought.

  11. inwte

    cparkie Within reason – curriculum must be broad, non-selective etc. But not ‘free’ from giving a good education by employing qual staff

  12. cparkie

    inwte Surely the schools success will be dependent on the selection of the best staff? Will parents send children to an unsuitable school?

  13. cparkie

    inwte If I set up a free school it has to attract students. Under what conditions will an unproven school achieve that aim?

  14. cparkie

    inwte To defend the status of QTS as a badge of “honour” could be a problem for the profession. Should we be reassessed periodically?

  15. inwte

    cparkie plus #qts is not a badge of honour it is a qual other prof have quals so should teaching. A degree is not a teaching qual per se

  16. inwte

    cparkie That is the root of the problem. Too many routes in. But then let us face the fact teaching is so easy, we don’t need quals now!

  17. cparkie

    inwte So one rigorous route in. No choice. Compare that to your comments regarding the Eton route into power. Same or different?

  18. inwte

    cparkie One route gives rigour. Only diff to Eton is wealth and who you know will not factor. Candidates will pass or fail on own merits.

  19. cparkie

    inwte Quite a large majority of the government will have studied PPE at Oxbridge. Are you confusing wealth with ability?

  20. inwte

    cparkie #gove bleats ‘kids need good teachers’ let him put his money where his mouth is and create properly funded rigorous training! #qts

  21. cparkie

    inwte I sense we have a difference of opinion regarding some fundamental issues. I’m happy to leave our conversation there.

  22. CromwellConsult

    cparkie SchoolsImprove “Free” from LA control, not regulations. Compliance. QA for pupils. Public-funded. Teacher effect size to consider.

  23. CromwellConsult

    cparkie The issue is wider than question semantics. Professional is a qualified expert. Refer to Hattie/Black/Wiliam research. Recruit best

  24. cparkie

    CromwellConsult Dr Goodman, I take your point. However I’m not asking what should happen but what currently happens. I’m aware…

  25. cparkie

    CromwellConsult …of Hattie’s findings (Expert teacher, Inspired and passionate teacher, etc) but the question posed is not relevant…

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