Political chaos means pupils face ‘wretched’ futures

Theresa May’s efforts to improve the chances for vulnerable youngsters are being hampered by “paralysis” in Westminster and the focus on Brexit, the children’s commissioner for England has warned. Tes reports.

The prime minister set out plans for new teachers to receive training on how to spot the signs of mental health problems in youngsters, under a plan to overhaul society’s approach to the issue.

But children’s commissioner Anne Longfield was scathing about the government’s failure to improve the “wretched” futures faced by vulnerable youngsters and dismissed the Prime Minister’s announcement as a “twiddle to teacher training”.

She said she did not think teachers would have “that much trouble” spotting mental health conditions, but “they have trouble finding anyone to treat them”, arguing that specialist help should be available in every school.

“Now, on the day we hear that teenagers in Liverpool are being paid £1,000 to stab other kids, and the government publicly recognises that one in ten kids with a social worker lurches in and out of the service for four to five years, the PM calls for a twiddle to teacher training?”

The package of measures to improve mental health was announced by Mrs May as part of a series of policies she hopes will be the legacy of her time in office.

She said: “There is more to be done because for too long there has been a stigma attached to mental health and we haven’t seen it taken as seriously as physical health, and that is what needs to happen.”

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