Police probe ‘inappropriate behaviour’ of 13-year-old boy mistakenly placed in primary school

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that police are investigating reports of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ by a teenage boy who was mistakenly placed in a local primary school…

The 13-year-old boy is understood to have been a pupil in a Year 5 class of nine and 10-year-olds when a complaint was made against him on March 17.

Police have confirmed they are probing one case of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ allegedly committed by the 13-year-old over social media.

Officers are investigating an allegation he encouraged a primary-aged girl to post an explicit image.

Manchester council refused to comment on police enquiries but said ‘on rare occasions’ older children were admitted to younger classes.

The council would not disclose how the boy had been ended up at the school.

A council spokesman said: “On very rare occasions a young person can be admitted into a school or year group that isn’t right for their age.

“Appropriate steps are taken as soon as this comes to light to remedy this and to ensure the young person is educated in an age appropriate setting.”

It is understood the boy has been removed from the primary school.

Horrified parents at the school are now demanding to know how the teen was admitted to such a young class…

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When they say ‘on rare occasions’, presumably they mean ‘on rare occasions by mistake’ rather than it being deliberate? Strange.


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