Police investigate after head ‘assaulted by angry parent over crackdown on uniforms’

The Mail is reporting that an investigation has been launched after a headteacher was allegedly assaulted by an angry parent following a crackdown on school uniforms.

A mother of a pupil at Cornwallis Academy in Loose, Kent, was said to have used aggressive behaviour towards vice principal Will Pemberton as tensions flared over a clampdown on the uniform policy.

Kent Police confirmed officers are investigating an allegation of assault which involved a woman ‘putting her hands on a member of staff’ on Monday.

Following the alleged incident, the mother was reportedly told that the police would be called if she, or the pupil’s grandmother, set foot on the Cornwallis site again.

It came after teachers were ordered to put pupils who refuse to adhere to the new uniform policy – which bans make-up, trainers and piercings – into detention.

The stricter rules also prevent girls from wearing leggings, jeans or tightly-fitted trousers but parents have hit out at the school claiming the new uniform policy is ‘ridiculous’.

After the new regulations were announced, several students who refused to comply were excluded from school for several days for unacceptable behaviour towards staff.

But parents say conforming to the strict policy does not affect their child’s education and claim it is making girls feel ‘insecure’ about what they can and can’t wear.

Parents have now set up an online petition in a bid to allow their daughters to keep wearing tight-fitted trousers to school, pointing out that ‘skinny’ trousers are deemed fashionable…

Acting principal Isabelle Linney-Drouet warned pupils they had to comply with uniform rules when they returned from the recent half-term break…

Following the backlash from parents, Nick Williams, CEO of Future Schools Trust, said…

‘Our uniform policy, which was designed in conjunction with the student council, has not changed for at least four years and it is important for us to work in partnership with parents, staff and students to ensure it is upheld.’ 

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The alleged assault is under police investigation and clearly there can never be any justification for such behaviour.

In the full article, there seem to be three main lines of argument from the parents arguing against the crackdown: financial implications; issues of confidence for the girls not being able to wear what they want; and the suggestion they will wear  these kinds of clothes when they have jobs so it shouldn’t matter now. 

Your reactions to each or all of these? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…


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    SchoolsImprove If curriculum made sense it shd be enforced with the utmost rigour, & uniform (litmus of pupil opinion) with it. It doesn’t.

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