Police chief warns of ‘sexually toxic environment’ with children as young as 11 sending naked selfies on mobile phones

The Scottish Daily Record is reporting warnings that schools across the country are now dealing with sexting cases every week – including naked selfies sent by children as young as 11.

…Chief Inspector Graham Goulden, of the national Violence Reduction Unit, said: “Young people across Scotland are seeing this behaviour as the norm and that’s a frightening thing.

“We need to look at sexting as a form of abuse.”

The Glasgow-based VRU currently run a mentoring programme in schools, designed to tackle problems such as bullying in the real world and in cyberspace.

Goulden said the scale of the problem shouldn’t be underestimated in an age when kids have easy access to pornography.

He said: “I often talk about a sexually toxic environment that we are living in just now.

“There is an expectation on boys that a key step to masculinity is being good with the girls.

“When you look at young girls, it is about looking good.

“These are the traps that young people fall into.

“We need to look at this through a children’s lens rather than an adults’ lens.” In extreme cases, teenagers have taken their own lives as a result of online blackmail plots linked to sexting…

But Goulden said the most common outcome is a dip in the victim’s performance at school.

He explained: “I know from speaking to teachers that this is an issue they are concerned about because it is impacting on school life.

“It is something schools are seeing on a weekly basis

“If young people are victims of sexting, then how can they effectively learn?…”

More at: Police chief warns of ‘sexually toxic environment’ after it is revealed kids as young as 11 are sending naked selfies on mobile phones


Obviously this is a Scottish story but would you say that Chief Inspector Graham Goulden paints an accurate picture of the general situation here?

What can or should be done to limit the number of cases of this occurring?

Please give us your suggestions in the comments or via Twitter… 


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  1. pennymellor

    g56g rcp123456 sexually toxic environment when children are subjected to graphic pornography daily from all forms of media.

  2. FrostlynneLynn

    SchoolsImprove the most frightening thing for the young, what is seen cannot be unseen and what is heard, likewise.

  3. FrostlynneLynn

    SchoolsImprove and many young do not have the experience or maturity to filter in order to protect them selves. Healthy minds not naivety.

  4. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove Schools have failed to teach kids anything about modesty and dignity. No wonder kids behave as they do!

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