Police called to brawl at school ‘between English and Slovakian pupils’

The Mirror is reporting that police had to break up a brawl ‘between English and Slovakian pupils’ at a school after students and a teacher were injured in the fight.

Dozens of parents kept their children off school today following the fight between pupils at Sir William Stanier Community School in Crewe.

Pupils were injured in the fight on Thursday afternoon as a well as a teacher who intervened. 

Police were called to the lunchtime incident and several youngsters have now been excluded, the Crewe Chronicle reports.

The newspaper was contacted by numerous parents who said the fight broke out between English and Slovakian youngsters, although neither police nor the school have confirmed this…

The Chronicle received reports that youngsters were ‘hiding in classrooms out of fear’. 

One girl also had a chunk of her hair ripped out, while one parent said a pupil had been punched in the face…

She added: “I arrived at the school and there were police cars, numerous teachers and pupils outside. 

“I was told by a member of staff that it was a ‘clash of communities’.

“This is not good enough. 

“Both my kids were scared by the whole incident and I don’t want them to return until this whole situation is sorted…

Jason Fraser, principal of Sir William Stanier Community School, said: “During the lunchtime break yesterday, an altercation involving six pupils took place in the school playground. 

“Staff responded quickly and effectively to manage the situation…

A Cheshire police spokesman said: “At approximately 2.30pm on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, Cheshire police were called by Sir William Stanier Community School following an altercation between youths involving a current pupil and two former pupils. 

“A teacher intervened and in the process received a minor injury for which he did not receive hospital treatment. 

“Police are working with the school in relation to the assault…”

More at: Cops called to brawl at school ‘between English and Slovakian pupils’


The school and police are playing down the incident (see the full article for more of their statements) while it seems parents might be making more out of it (with social media fuelling the flames).

Whatever the reality of the extent of the violence, it is clearly worrying to read of a “clash of communities” happening at a school, if indeed that is what is going on here.

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