Plan for Maidenhead grammar school approved by council

The BBC is reporting that a Berkshire council has voted to support the building of a grammar school in Maidenhead.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead wants to support Marlow’s Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School develop a satellite school.

The authority has now agreed to provide up to £200,000 to carry out a site search and public consultation.

If it goes ahead, the two-form entry school would open by 2021 and could be attended by as many as 1,000 pupils.

The authority has already spent £80,000 on a feasibility study…

The council report on the plans is expected to be completed by April 2016.

More at: Plan for Maidenhead grammar school approved by Berkshire council


With legal challenges predicted by many after the Kent decision, does it sound a bit soon to be spending so much money moving forward with this?

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  1. LshipWise SchoolsImprove Already happening.  Windsor and Maidenhead currently has a comprehensive system.  Councillor are now complicit in wrecking this by supporting the new grammar.  They claim it would increase ‘choice’ for parents because 200 already choose to send their children outside the borough to neighbouring grammars.
    But it forgets that parents don’t choose grammars, grammars choose the children.  And for every chosen one, there are three who are not chosen.

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove A legal precedent has been set in Kent with allowing a new grammar school (annex or not). Expect many of these stories

  3. So a council is using council taxpayers’ money to fund a feasibility study which would introduce selection into a non-selective area.  I thought LAs were cash-strapped.  It appears Windsor and Maidenhead isn’t if it can waste money on this.

  4. andylutwyche SchoolsImprove No doubt Tory councillors in non-selective areas are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of wrecking comprehensive education in their patch.

  5. rkieran

    natedtrust_marc SchoolsImprove the daily mail has a ‘thing’ about disadvantaged children jumping grammar school queues

  6. natedtrust_marc

    rkieran I imagine they are ‘outraged’… But expect it’s a case of deliberately missing a crucial point…

  7. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove It would be …Kent has always been pro-grammar and anti-other schools. Life simply passes by Kent, always has…

  8. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove It would be …Kent has always been pro-grammar and anti-other schools. Life simply passes by Kent, always has…

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