Pioneering bilingual school ready to say ‘hola’ to new pupils

The Lincolnshire Echo is reporting that children will be taught in English and Spanish at a pioneering new primary school due to open in September…

Pupils as young as four will be encouraged to speak, write and read in both languages.

All children will be taught the national curriculum by bilingual teachers, who will switch between Spanish and English.

For some of the time each day, older children will be taught only in Spanish. The aim is that by the time they leave at 11 years old, pupils are fluent in both languages.

The school will open in Spalding in September 2014 and will be run by The Phoenix of Family Schools.

It will be state-funded and will be the second bilingual primary in the country. The first opens in Brighton and Hove in September this year. Carol Clare, CEO of The Phoenix Family of Schools, said: “This school will enable the children to access worlds and future employment opportunities previously denied them.

“We chose Spanish as it is increasingly becoming the language of business and also uses the same alphabet as English.

“It is our aim that children who enter the school at Key Stage One will, on leaving the school at age 11, have a good degree of fluency in Spanish as well as achieving highly in all subject areas.”

There are an estimated 500 million Spanish speakers in the world, making it the third most commonly spoken language after English and Mandarin.

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Is this a good move to overcome our general reticence when it comes to foreign languages or a bit of a gimmick? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.

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