People Like Us mum’s defiant stance over daughter’s term-time holiday could see her jailed

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that a mum at the centre of BBC documentary ‘People Like Us’ could face prison after refusing to pay a fine for taking her daughter out of school during term time…

Karen Wakefield, who appeared in the fly-on-the-wall show set in Harpurhey, is due before magistrates with husband Paul Dawson later this month after taking daughter Madison, 13, to Turkey during school time.

She said Manchester Communication Academy refused to give her permission to take her daughter abroad during term last year. The trip, at the end of the six-weeks’ holiday, meant Madison missed six days of lessons at the start of the new school year.

The mum-of-two, who said she ‘doesn’t like being told by teachers when she can go on holiday’, and her husband refused to pay two initial £60 fines and subsequent £120 fines.

Karen claims the pair have been told they face three months in jail or a hefty fine of up to £1,000 each when they appear at Manchester Magistrates Court on April 24…

More (including a video) at: Watch: People Like Us mum’s defiant stance over daughter’s term-time holiday could see her JAILED


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  1. 5N_Afzal

    No sympathy for her, I’m afraid. The report above gives no reason for the holiday other than she “doesn’t like told by teachers when she can go on holiday”. Even if the law hadn’t been changed in this case the head wouldn’t have given permission for the term time time holiday.

  2. neilayates

    SchoolsImprove This looks like flagrant disregard of rules to enjoy cheaper holiday.Teachers have limited chances against such parenting

  3. mcallister1

    SchoolsImprove It is sad, as a side issue, that this has led to mistrust and anger against individual teachers for their ‘training days’

  4. murphiegirl

    mcallister1 SchoolsImprove We’ve started publishing content details about our TEDs on our website so parents can see how valuable they are

  5. FionaTipper

    SchoolsImprove we can’t pick and choose which rules we follow… but jailing these parents?? What is achieved? Who gains anything? Absurd!

  6. _K_E_L

    SchoolsImprove it’s priorities. Some place holidays above education, if they are willing to take the fine, ok. They can’t have it both ways

  7. Claire_Woolger

    SchoolsImprove The ignorance riles me. Training days = not holidays for teachers & teachers do not make the rules, they just stick to them!

  8. sb_campaign

    SchoolsImprove G’ment legislated that parents can be fined for absence yet it’s ok for the system to make a child miss a year (any year)

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