‘People like me with low GCSE results aren’t failures’ – young gymnast sends touching message to education secretary Damian Hinds

A talented gymnast from Milton Keynes has produced a video for education secretary Damian Hinds reminding him about the “forgotten 33 per cent”. iNews reports

Ellie is among a 1/3 of the country  for whom opportunities post-education are sparse. Together with her mum Sarah, Ellie made a video suggesting Mr Hinds doesn’t pay enough attention to people who aren’t academically gifted – and implores him to better recognise other skills.

“I am kind, polite, funny, caring and adventurous. Learning never came easy to me. I achieved nine grades from 1 to 3, but the government does not see these grades as a pass .”

Ms Sarah Chick, who works in education, said: ““We never expected such a reaction. People have been lovely”.

She said her daughter’s since received job offers. But that doesn’t detract from the issue at hand, as Ms Chick told education magazine TES. For Ellie, GCSEs made her feel a failure.

“The education system is a fantastic place for many bright students who sail through… But if you do not fit the academic mould, it doesn’t matter how many times your teachers tell you that you’re talented, every exam result just reinforces the feelings of failure.”

Read more and watch the video to Damian Hinds. ‘People like me with low GCSE results aren’t failures’ – young gymnast sends touching message to education secretary Damian Hinds 

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  1. Simon Foster

    I left school in the ’80’s, with no qualifications and labelled as a bit thick and not academically gifted, I was however very hard working and originally trained as a bad tempered line chef.
    I have just sold my company for a significant fee to a College and prior to that I set up a training dept within an apprenticeship provider from concept to grade 1. I am Chair of Governors of one of the largest secondary schools in the country and also act as a specialist adviser to a few awarding bodies.
    The only thing that GCSE qualifications prove is that you are able to retain information and regurgitate it in a manner that will appease an examiner. As an employer I always looked and continue to look beyond academic achievements and I wish Ellie all the best in the future

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