Parliament Votes Against Compulsory Sex And Relationships Education For Schoolchildren

The Huffington Post is reporting that parliament has voted against legislation that would make sex and relationships education (SRE) compulsory in schools – despite the fact three-quarters of young people believe this would make them safer.

A 2016 parliamentary report found that almost a third of 16-18 year old girls had experienced unwanted touching at school, while NSPPC research shows 27% of 13-17 year old girls have experienced sexual violence in their relationships.

Currently, only state-school students receive compulsory lessons on the biological aspects of sex, while no schools are obliged to teach pupils about the social and emotional aspects of relationships.

Labour MP Stella Creasy’s call to a public bill committee to amend the Children and Social Work Bill to make “age-appropriate, inclusive” sex and relationship education (SRE) compulsory in all schools was voted down on Tuesday.

Speaking in the committee meeting, Creasy said: “When we think about the scandals that have been uncovered in the last couple of years, about how people used to talk and interact with young people, or about the treatment of young girls in our society, we can see that safeguarding children is not a question of the modern world but a question of a better world.”

Campaigners agree that the proposed amendment to the bill is “vital” in keeping young people safe.

“Compulsory, age-appropriate sex and relationship education for all children will mean they grow up understanding consent and healthy relationships and respecting themselves and each other,” Barnardo’s chief executive Javed Khan wrote in a blog on the Huffington Post UK on Tuesday.

“It would also mean they will be taught about the risks online, including sharing personal details and naked images and how to spot the signs of grooming, providing them with the skills and resilience they need to keep themselves safe from sexual violence, sexual bullying and harmful sexual content online, including pornography.”

Read more at: Parliament Votes Against Compulsory Sex And Relationships Education For Schoolchildren

I know some of our followers are very much against the thought of schools teaching children about sex and relationships. However, I do feel that the teaching of relationships alone would be of great benefit. How to spot an abusive relationship and poisonous friendships, and what to do about them. How to say ‘no’ and how to respond to the repercussions. It doesn’t all need to be about the ins and outs of the bedroom. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Sophie

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  1. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove We don’t want #SRE imposed on our kids. We will organise walk outs. It’s bullying to force uncomfortable kids into SRE

  2. LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove And it’s bullying to force children, uncomfortable or otherwise, into abusive relationships which they might be able to spot if they’re given information about such exploitation.

  3. SchoolsImprove

    LaCatholicState I believe the article will clear up any confusion, perhaps you would prefer to read it before you ‘walk out’.

  4. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove I did read it actually, thank you. But it remains to be seen what the Tories have in mind for our kids. Innit.

  5. LaCatholicState

    Janet2 LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove   First off….physical abuse in a relationship is a serious crime for the police.  Parents and friends give much advice over specific relationships.  Relationships in themselves are natural to humans…and are not taught.  Common sense and the feelings of the 2 people involved generally dictate the rest.

    Nobody is forced into a relationship.  Also…I hope you are aware that to encourage under 16’s in any way in a sexual relationship….is aiding and abetting a crime.  This needs tackling.

  6. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprovement_Team LaCatholicState   Why wouldn’t they?!  Unless the relationship were secret…but then teachers wouldn’t know either.  Parents give advice on everything.  We are not mute dumb sheep.  Not one parent is.

  7. LaCatholicState Janet2 SchoolsImprove But sometimes it’s relatives and friends who are being abusive.
    ‘Nobody is forced into a relationship’ – tell that to the victims of historical sex abuse.
    Good quality sex education for under 16s is not ‘aiding and abetting a crime’.  It’s giving young people information they need to protect themselves and others from ignorance and exploitation.

  8. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprovement_Team LaCatholicState

    Most children are loved by their parents.  If children are abused and neglected…then its a serious matter for the police – not for SRE.  I thought that would be glaringly obvious.  Lets hope such cases are reported to the police by headteachers.

    I think you need to stop putting parents down so much…and yourself up so much.  Maybe spend a typical day with a typical family sometime.

  9. LaCatholicState

    Janet2 LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove

    Abuse is a matter for police. Pity some in authority aren’t quite as keen on stopping it as they should be.  Im thinking especially of the Rotherham case 

    Not every teen is in a sexual relationship and not every teen wants to be…nor do they want to hear tales of others most adults don’t either…..and they shouldn’t be treated as though they do or forced too.  It’s an individual thing.

    Children and teens at school must be treated with respect, sensitivity and as individuals.

  10. LaCatholicState The concept of “most children” is not enough, I want to ensure that ALL children are sufficiently advised and educated on matters relating to their body and how people should and shouldn’t be treating them, those people including their own family and members in their community who are, in some situations, at fault and sexually abusing children.

    It is not enough to say “most children” and then ignore the ones that are not “most children” and leave them to suffer and be left behind.

    Adding to that, not every child who is loved by their parents is educated on SRE as some parents feel ‘awkward’- what about the ones in-between? One of our one here at SI recently discussed this matter from their childhood. 

    Why can we not educate children and teens at schools with respect and sensitivity? Why is SRE automatically placing them in boxes and making them “cogs in the state wheel”? 

    It’s not enough to say abuse is a matter for police. So much abuse goes unreported and is ignored by police departments. For someone who doesn’t trust the state to take care and educate children on SRE, you do depend on the police quite a lot. ~ MA

  11. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprovement_Team LaCatholicState

    Well you won’t be telling my children anything…because I won’t agree with presenting sexual material to them….and they won’t either.  You need their and my consent.  and we don’t want your or the State advice eihter.  Maybe they will want to tell you a thing or 3 themelves!!  Remember….don’t treat others as mute sheep.

    It’s up to children themelves…and their parents…if they want to be presented with material of this nature,  are happy to receive it.  Of course…when after all your protestations…the fact is…you don’t care really about children.  You just want the satisfaction of forcing them into SRE…whether they want it or not.  That is a form of abuse.

    Also…we must monitor SRE to make sure no teacher is in effect encouraging or supporting dangerous illegal behaviour in kids who are under age.  And that is the very least.

  12. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprovement_Team LaCatholicState  

    Also…I think recent horrendous cases show that some teachers seem more worried about reporting thought crime…than reporting serious sexual and physical abuse of children at school and out of school

  13. LaCatholicState

    Janet2 LaCatholicState SchoolsImprove  

    It very well maybe aiding and abetting a crime.  It needs to be monitored and investigated.  Maybe some children will have a different story to tell after a few years.

  14. LaCatholicState I’m not quite sure what satisfaction I would get out of ‘forcing children into SRE’. I was educated on SRE and therefore see the benefit of it greatly, hence why I wish it to be a option open to children at schools who wish to partake in it. I’m not Theresa May – I do not get the final say so I’m not sure how I would force anyone to take part in SRE. 

    Firstly, children are never forced into SRE. They have always been given a letter to take home to discuss with their parents and to sign together, giving their consent, before the actual SRE class takes place. That has been the way for decades. No one is forced, ever. End of story. You need to get past this concept of SRE = abuse.

    I agree we must monitor SRE classes. That is a fair statement.

    SRE automatically equates to a form of perverted bullying to you when, in reality, it is to support and help children protect themselves from unwanted advances and to better understand their own sexual health. To discourage sexual abuse. Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that some children do not benefit from a loving family or community to educate them on these matters and many many vulnerable children fall into the hands of malicious people who abuse them.

    If schools at least OFFER the option to take part in SRE, which parents or children can give their consent to beforehand, then we can at least ensure some steps are taken to protect them.

  15. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprovement_Team LaCatholicState  

    To boil everything down…I believe in choice for parents and teens on the matter of attending SRE.  If you back compulsory SRE…you don’t.

  16. LaCatholicState SRE has never been compulsory and never will be, I’m not sure where you got the idea that it was compulsory from. Even the ‘compulsory’ classes the news article is referring to would first involve a letter of consent signed by parents and the child. That’s a cold hard fact. ~ MA

  17. g56g

    CllrRalphBerry I’m sure if we called it gender and relationship education there would be less of a problem. The word #sex is the #problem

  18. LaCatholicState SchoolsImprovement_Team Who are this ‘we’?  And what action would this ‘we’ take?   
    I used to teach sex education/relationships within a well-constructed PSHE programme.  This was agreed with school governors after they viewed materials.  All parents were sent a letter telling them of their legal right to withdraw children from the programme.   Very, very few did so.  
    You seem to be saying that the children of the vast majority of parents who support SRE should be prevented from receiving it because you (or ‘we’) believe it’s wrong.  And you back this up with a vague, rather sinister, threat of some kind of action.

  19. LaCatholicState

    Janet2 LaCatholicState SchoolsImprovement_Team  
    That’s all we want …the right to withdraw our kids.  And this seems to be the target of the proSRE zealots!

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