Parents wish the summer holidays were shorter

Yahoo is reporting results from a survey suggesting parents wish the summer holidays were shorter as they spend nearly £1,400 entertaining kids on a six week break from school…

Nearly three quarters of parents surveyed said they’d like the school holidays to be shorter if they could – because their children are costing them a fortune.

In the study of 2,000 parents, most admitted they’d like a shorter break as the cost of entertaining kids off school pulls on the family purse strings.

And the research found that parents spend more than £1,000 on food, travel and days out to places like theme parks in the school holidays.

Mums and dads also admitted they’re knackered from looking after their kids full-time, with 40 per cent saying they’re tired after just two weeks of summer holidays.

The average parent will have just three lie-ins over the course of the break – so it comes as no surprise that 78 of them said they’ve had enough after a month.

“Gone are the traditional images of relaxing school holidays as it’s clear from these results that parents are often put under a great deal of strain during the holiday period – both economically and physically,” said GPaul Keenan, Head of Communications at Benenden Health, which conducted the study.

”The combination of childcare costs, the money spent on holidays and days out – in addition to uniform for the new school year can put a big strain on the finances of families.”

More at:  Parents wish the summer holidays were shorter – as it’s revealed they spend £1,400 on keeping kids entertained

Is the money argument valid or is it a red herring? Do parents really need to spend all that money or should children be encouraged to entertain themselves? Either way, and parental gripes aside, are there good arguments for looking again at the optimum length of the summer holiday? Please share in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. Penfold_5

    SchoolsImprove oh for goodness sake. Do we have to have this every summer? It’s Boring! I love the summer. The park is free.

  2. mrstinamurray

    SchoolsImprove sometimes can’t escape the feeling that schools are valued mainly for childcare rather than education.

  3. Hill14Amy

    SchoolsImprove ‘M&D are knackered after looking after their kids full time’ how do they think teachers feel when they have a class of 30?

  4. tony_my_son

    SchoolsImprove ‘breaking news: children cost money to have.’ Why are school holidays treated like a brand new, sudden shock every year?

  5. pannusf10

    SchoolsImprove not all parents want hols to be shorter. Private skls and Europe have longer summer holidays. French skls have 2months.

  6. LeilaGhaddab

    SchoolsImprove newsflash: children COST THEIR PARENTS MONEY. Always have. It’s a sacrifice. If they don’t want to pay for them…

  7. GorillaWitch

    SchoolsImprove emmaannhardy parents should ask why not more support for working parents & let kids sort out their own entertainment.

  8. Sezzer64

    SchoolsImprove holidays don’t have to cost a fortune. All it takes is some imagination and a bit of effort, sadly lacking in most parents.

  9. bobdbob

    SchoolsImprove. So no longer pretending schools are about education and preparation for future; just childcare, money saving and lying in.

  10. SarahBlackIsle

    sarahnewton slightly torn this yr as work in school. 1/2 of me said yipee, 7 wks! Other 1/2, cripes…7 wks? Is nightmare 4 working parents

  11. robfryis

    SchoolsImprove same old moans from parents who should never have had kids in the first. We don’t need you to procreate you know!

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