Parents told to beware of ‘ghost’ scholarships that are often just marketing gimmicks

A growing number of independent schools are offering “ghost” scholarships of little or no financial value to pupils and their parents and could be little more than a marketing tool. This is from the Times…

Several leading private schools award “honorary” scholarships that carry no reduction in fees, while others provide token cash payments or free music tuition. Critics says these schools are simply using scholarships as marketing tools.

Many independent schools have gradually reduced the financial value of scholarships, even though they were originally designed as a way of educating children from poor families. Instead, more money is being transferred into means-tested bursaries, especially since the Charities Act of 2006 introduced a legal requirement for private schools to provide “public benefit”.

These are different to scholarships, which are awarded for outstanding achievement or ability, often on the basis of exams and irrespective of parental wealth. Many private schools have cut the financial value of scholarships to a fee reduction of 10 per cent or 5 per cent. But a growing minority, according to The Good Schools Guide and Times research, award scholarships with no financial benefit…

Janette Wallis, senior editor of The Good Schools Guide, said a scholarship without financial benefit was like “a raffle without a prize”.

She added: “Honorary scholarships are sometimes used as a marketing tool . . .We always tell people not to be flattered into accepting a place at the wrong school on the basis of an honorary scholarship or something like £200 off the bill.”

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