Parents threaten to remove children from primary school where pupil lost finger

The Hull Daily Mail is reporting that dozens of parents have threatened to remove their children from a local primary school where a boy lost his finger, because of concerns over safeguarding…

A group of concerned parents whose children attend The Parks Academy in Courtway Road, Orchard Park, say they are worried about the safety of pupils at the school after an eight-year-old boy lost a finger last year.

Student Ben Peterson lost the little finger on his left hand in November, when a door was closed on his hand at the end of a lesson.

He spent eight agonising hours in surgery as doctors worked to save two other damaged fingers.

This week, parents launched a revolt against the school when they heard the teacher involved in the accident, who has not taught at the school since, would be returning in September.

One parent, who asked not to be named, said: “I don’t want my child anywhere near that school if that teacher is coming back…”

The Parks Academy is a member of the School Partnership Trust Academies (SPTA), which operates more than 40 schools across the region, including Estcourt Primary, Mersey Primary and Craven Primary in east Hull.

At the time of the accident, executive principal David Waterson said the school would launch a full investigation into what happened and take appropriate action.

But seven months on, parents say they have still not been told the outcome of the investigation…

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This sounds like a very difficult situation but it seems odd that the school is, apparently, bringing the teacher back before announcing the results of their investigation which they say is still ongoing.

Might it not have made more sense to complete the investigation, make a public statement on it and then, if appropriate, bring back the teacher?

Your thoughts?


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  1. Busy Mum

    Tragic – but accidents have always happened and always will. Health and safety has lulled people into a false sense of security and they now believe that they are entitled to a perfectly ‘safe’ life; how is that building resilience? All the mindfulness in the world (see other thread!) cannot bring back a finger. 
    If a partially blind, one-armed Admiral could win Trafalgar, who are we to moan about losing a single digit?

  2. wasateacher

    Yes accidents will always happen but that does not explain why the report on the accident has not been published.  Apart from anything else, the secrecy could mean that lessons have not been learned or cannot be learned by other schools.  Is this another area where the local authority has limited powers but considerable experience and academy trusts have considerable powers but limited (and dangerous) experience?

  3. Busy Mum

    wasateacher Is it secrecy or just common-sense acknowledgment of the fact that there are better ways to spend time than writing a report on every accident, great or small?

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