Parents of summer born children will be allowed to start school aged five, minister says

The Telegraph reports that parents of summer born children will be given the option of delaying when their children join reception, Nick Gibb the schools minister has said.

The Government intends to change the admissions code so that children born between April 1 and August 31 are able to start school a year later with the option of joining either a reception or a Year One class.

His comment came after the results of an international literacy test published on Tuesday which showed that by the time children are aged nine to ten, September-born children outperform their August-born classmates in literacy and reading.

“I do accept there is a link between the month that your child is born and academic results, particularly in the early years of primary school and that’s why we want to give parents that option.”

Dr Joshua McGrane, from the University of Oxford, said that the PIRLS test show that England had a “unique” result when it came to how age affects performance.   

He said September-born pupils – who are the oldest in the year- score around 36 points higher than their classmates who were born in August, making them the youngest in the year.

“There is an interesting and somewhat unique result for England where there is such a close relationship between the month you are born in, and your age within your grade level,” he said.

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  1. Fed up with these arrogant people who pretend they are introducing something amazing when all they are doing is reintroducing what used to work years ago but was then rubbished by those same people.

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