Parents signing up for Latin lessons to give their children the edge at school

The Telegraph is reporting that some adults are signing up for Latin refresher classes, or taking on the language for the first time, so that they can help their children get ahead of the pack.

The classics department at a private school in London has found itself oversubscribed after it began offering Latin evening classes to parents.

Take-up from parents at Colfe’s School, in south-east London, has been so high it now runs two Monday night Latin classes.

Interest in the Roman Empire is also riding high due to a glut of popular novels, history books and television series.

Expert classicists and historians, such as Mary Beard, Bettany Hughes and Michael Scott, are now celebrities while novelist Robert Harris’s Cicero trilogy is to be adapted for the stage by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Since 2014, foreign language lessons have been compulsory in primary schools from age seven and Latin is on the list of languages that schools can teach.

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What do you think? Do you think learning Latin will help parents give their children an edge at school? Does Latin have any relevance today? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter….

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